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23. Imagine with Harry for Dana


I was sitting there nervously as I watched Harry tense up, I am convinced he is going to punch someone out in a minute. “No this is wrong, Paul how can they do this, can’t you do something?” Harry asks. “My hands are tied I can’t do anything, I don’t over rule them” Paul sighs, “fine then I’m out” Harry states standing up, “Harry don’t” I say standing up, “no Dana they aren’t controlling me, until you guys sort something out and stop controlling us, I’m not doing anything.” “Fine Harry go back to London, take the first flight out” the guy says thinking Harry was bluffing. “Don’t push me” Harry hisses, and storms out, “Harry” I call out sighing, and go to follow him out. “Harry!” I shout and he turns around and stops storming off, “what love?” “don’t do this” “do what?” “don’t throw away everything because of me, you have worked too hard for it” I try to get through to him, “no they aren’t going to control me, I’m not letting it happen, they can either change what they are doing or I’m simply not going to be apart of it all until we get different management.” Harry angrily states, “don’t get angry at me Harry” I softly say looking down, “I’m not getting angry at you, damn it Dana not everything’s about you” he hisses, I was a little hurt by his comment because there was so much anger in his voice and eyes.
“I know not everything’s about me that’s why I’m trying to stop you from making a stupid mistake.” 

Harrys POV
I was so angry, I’m sick of being told what I can and can’t do. I’m not letting some idiot tell me I can’t be with Dana on tour, there is no way I’m leaving her by herself while her crazy ass ex is trying to get his dirty hands on her. Everything was annoying me, every little thing that came from that dicks mouth aggravated  me. I was just full of adrenalin and anger, I didn’t want to argue Dana but she was trying to stop me from taking a stand. 
“I know not everything’s about me that’s why I’m trying to stop you from making a stupid mistake.” Dana softly says to me looking into my eyes. 
“clearly you don’t arg just go away I want to be alone” I frustratedly comment, as we were both starting to walk up to the room. 

 My POV (Dana)

“Fine then” I shrug and walk back into the lobby, and walk out the glass doors, there weren’t many fans so I took a chance to just walk around. I was looking in the windows of shops admiring the clothes. “Dana, Dana, Dana!”I suddenly hear, I turn to the direction the voice was coming from, “uh hi” “hi is Harry with you?” “no he isn’t” I answer, “oh okay, can we get a picture?” “I guess, why do you want a picture with me I’m just an ordinary girl like you guys?” I question, “we look up to you” she smiles, “uh okay” I shrug and take a photo with her on her iPhone. “Thank you” she smiles, “no problem” I smile back, and continue walking. My phone starting ringing, and Paul’s caller ID came up.

“hello” I answer, “hi, Dana where are you and Harry?” he questions in a bit of a panic, “uh I am walking around, Harry should be in the room” I answer, “he isn’t there” “well I don’t know Paul he was angry from management and when I tried to talk to him he got angrier and I left” I state, “I swear sometimes these boys worry me, I’ve lost Harry, Louis and Zayn” Paul sighs, “Harry will show up eventually Paul, right now he is just pissed off and acting like a dickhead just leave him” “Dana if I leave him god knows what he will do, and management are frustrated just as much as the boys” “well Paul management are doing it to themselves, they know the boys aren’t going to be all happy about it” I sigh, “I know, but can you please try find him?” “if I must” I sigh, “thank you” Paul sighs in relief, “bye” I say and hang up. I start to walk back to the hotel and of course before I even got there I had the media on me. “Dana can you please answer, are you and Harry together?” one answers, “excuse me” I softly say trying to get past, “Dana, Dana? do you know anything about tour?” I hear another question being thrown, “please stop, I just want to get to the hotel” I sigh, “Dana what’s going on?” “look I’m just trying to get back to the hotel, please leave me alone, I’m not answering any questions. If you want answers you will get them when Harry and I decide to answer, until then please give me space.” I state getting frustrated at everyone surrounding me. My phone goes off and it was Liam, 
“hello” “Dana hey, where are you?” “I’m getting interrogated by the media…. Don’t touch me” I answer Liam, and pull me arm away from a reporter. “I’m coming” Liam says hanging up the phone. “Dana was that Harry?” one asks, “wow you guys are nosy. Don’t you have someone else to write a story on, I’m pretty sure enough stories have been written about Harry and I’s love life” I state, making my way to the hotel. “Dana are you pregnant again?” someone asks and I give them a dirty look, “are you?” they ask like a swarm of seagulls wanting food. “she didn’t deny it!!” someone yells. I roll my eyes, and get to the hotel and Liam is walking out with security. “Okay everyone back away, coming through” security say making everyone back away from me. The security  guide me inside, “Are you okay Dana?” Liam asks, “I’m fine but they are really persistent” I state, “you got that right, have you seen any of the boys?” “no I haven’t” “I knew I should have gone with them” “where’s Niall?” “gone to try find them” “okay I’ll try call stubborn ass Harry” I state, and pull out my phone, I call Harry but he doesn’t answer. I try Louis, same with him no response. I try Zayn and he picks up, I couldn’t make out what he was saying it was too loud. “I think they are at a bar or a club or something, there’s loud music” I say to Liam. “They could be anywhere” Liam sighs, “let me get a cardigan it’s getting cold” I sigh and run up to our room. I grab my bag and a cardigan now dressed in
I run back downstairs, and Liam and I walk out, we get into a cab and start searching for the boys. “I’m guessing El and Danielle are looking?” “yes they are with Paul, if we don’t find them they will be in deep shit with management.” “well management are asking for it” I defend, “I agree but this will stuff everything up” Liam says, I just agree with him, and we arrive at the first bar, we both walk in and look around trying to find the boys. I try ringing Harry but he doesn’t answer. 
I decide to text him,

“if this was an emergency you wouldn’t know!!!” 

I was frustrated, and sent the message. We didn’t find the boys, all we found were drunken idiots. We walked out and got back into the cab and Liam instructed the driver to the next place. we arrive and do exactly the same thing as before look around for the boys, but we’re disappointed when we didn’t find them. “it’s like finding a needle in a hay stack” I complain, “I agree, they could be anywhere by now” Liam whines, we get back in the cab and try another place, “this is ridiculous, have the others had any luck?” I ask, “nope” “arg let’s go” I frustratedly sigh walking back to the cab. As the driver was driving to a club Liam thought the boys would go to I got a text from Harry. 

“I not„’ yo. K” 

“wow makes sense great help” I mutter, showing Liam the text, “those monkeys are drinking” Liam chuckles, just as we get to the club. I walk in and Liam follows, I start looking around, “hey there” some creep says, I ignore him and continue walking but he grabs my arm, “get your filthy hands off me” I hiss, yanking my arm away, I couldn’t see any of the boys. “I need a drink” I say walking to the bar and sit on the stool. I grab a water and Liam sits. I feel two arms around me and I instantly elbow who ever was behind me. “Ouch” I hear Harry whine, “sorry I didn’t know it was you” I say quickly spinning around, “What the hell are you doing here?” I instantly ask, “having fun” “fun is over we are going to the hotel, where are the other boys?” I sternly state, “I don’t want to go, and they are over there” he points, “I don’t care” “I’m not going” “yes you are” “no” “fine stay here see if I care” I angrily state, and walk out and grab another cab. I go straight back to the hotel and Paul was in the lobby. “Any luck?” “yeah they are at the club Liam is there” “okay thanks, are you okay you seem tense?” “I’m fine, Harry’s just frustrating.” I answer and go up to our floor. I open the door and sit on the bed, and wait for Harry to eventually get here. I run my fingers through my hair trying to think of something to do. I started to get a headache from not eating, so I decided to get up and grab something. I grab my bag just as the door opens. “Look who finally got here” I mumble, I go to walk out but Harry blocks the door, “move” “no we need to talk” “no we don’t, you do what you want, I don’t care.” “no Dana” “move your drunken ass” “I’m not drunk” “whatever please move I need something to eat” “oh my god shut up and just listen” “don’t talk to me Like that” I state, “we need to talk” “no, go do what you want, throw your career away, argue me, do what you want. I give up” I state putting my bag on the bed and stand near the bed. “I’m not throwing my career away.” “yes you are” “no I am standing up for myself they don’t control me” “Harry you are throwing it away if you choose to be with me” “so what are you saying Dana? We should just end it all?” “is that what you want?” I softly question, “no it’s not what I want, I damn well fought for you, I’m not letting them ruin us” “and I’m not letting you throw away your career.” “why are you so adamant that I’m ruining my career?” “because you won’t go on tour and do what you’re meant to do unless I’m there” I state, “I’m not just arguing them for you” “I know you’re not but I’m stating a point here and if you don’t like it then too bad.” “and I’m stating my point, if you don’t like it, it’s your problem.” Harry replies, “I don’t want to argue I just want something to eat.” I sigh, “do you think I want to argue?” Harry questions, “obviously if you’re just continuing” “I don’t want to argue but you make it hard!” Harry half shouts, “don’t yell at me Harry, and I make it hard, you’re the one who just pushes me away then goes off and gets drunk” “I’m not yelling at you, and I can’t even get drunk because I get you calling me and texting me.” “Maybe you should answer your god damn phone, ever thought it could have been an emergency?” I hiss, “well sorry ever thought I wanted time off?” “oh do you want time off before or after something happens?” I sarcastically ask, as everything starts to spin. “I’m sorry I’m not perfect like you, I need breaks okay.” “perfection has nothing to do with anything, I’m far from perfect Harry I can admit it. If you want a break stop arguing me and go, go drink till your so drunk you end up passed out on the floor!” I angrily let out, feeling my legs going weak but I wasn’t going to cave, I was determined to listen to what he had to say. 

Harrys POV

“Fine I might just go get myself smashed” I blurt out, not even thinking about what I was saying, I was too angry, and my anger was just getting worse. I didn’t mean to take it out on Dana, I needed to just lash out and speak what ever was on my mind, even though half the things I say either don’t make sense or make things worse. She doesn’t give up in arguments and neither do I, I guess that’s what makes us perfect, and someone who doesn’t give up on arguments is someone I needed to argue at this moment. I needed to get it out. “Fine Harry just go” she sighs, her eyes looking sad, and disappointed in me, her face loosing colour. “I will just go, have fun in your room alone, don’t message me I’m on time off. I don’t need someone else annoying me telling me what, I can and can’t do. I have management for that!” I continue venting. She looked at me hurt but I couldn’t help what was coming out of my mouth. “So now I annoy you because I look out for you?” she questions, clearly holding back tears. “I don’t need looking out for, I can look after myself I’m not a child” I say lowering my voice, I was being rude by raising my voice at her, she didn’t deserve it, but I was too angry to even apologize for my behavior, and for raising my voice at her, not to mention she wouldn’t take it even if I tried. “Some times you act like a child though.” she hisses, I roll my eyes. She always had a better come back, always knew exactly what to say. I’m convinced she was on the debating team in Highschool. 

My POV (Dana)

Harrys anger was fluctuating out of control, one minute his voice was raising and the next he was quieting down. Sometimes I think he is the one pregnant with all the hormones, because at the moment he doesn’t seem to know how to act. I can see the anger in his eyes and his body tensing as he continues to argue me. “Well you know what I’ll act how I want if I want to act like a child I will.” Harry states exactly like a spoilt child would. “Oh grow up, act your age not your shoe size seriously Harry” I shoot back, feeling like he was spinning around me. “why am I always the one who needs to grow up?” he questions, “because I’m not the one trying to argue over something stupid. I’m trying to be mature and knock sense into you.” I state calming myself down, awaiting for Harrys comment. 

Harrys POV

“I don’t need you knocking sense into me, Dana I’m old enough to make my own decisions okay, I don’t need your help.” I argue, just letting my mouth take over. I couldn’t seem to stop my comments and stop the arguing. It was just like a rush of emotion and I can’t stop it. I know what I’m doing is wrong, arguing me is the last thing she needs right now, but I just can’t help it. I hate how managemt control me, an I want her to understand that they can’t just control us. “Clearly you do need me knocking sense into you if you’re going to throw away everything you have worked for, just because management won’t let me come with you and stay with you.” She softly says calming down, she seemed different, and not in a good way. I could read her well. I knew I needed to stop this argument, but my stupid words wouldn’t let me.

My POV (Dana)

He was so stubborn sometimes, I don’t know how he can be so stubborn, he just doesn’t want to seem to listen. He is so childish sometimes and never wants to loose an argument when we are in the middle of it. “Dana stop okay just stop. I’m sick of being controlled if I want to do this than its my decision. Call me stupid what ever but I’m doing the right thing in sticking up for myself and the boys. We aren’t monkeys they can chain up and control.” Harry states running his fingers through his hair out of frustration. “Don’t you think I know that Harry, but you can’t just throw away your career” I mumble feeling worse, everything was doubling up, I couldn’t see straight and I could just make out where Harry was standing. “You know what I’m leaving” he huffs, and turns around, “Harry” I try to say loud enough for him to hear, but it turns into a whisper, as I try find the bed with my hand but it seemed too far away. I was stumbling trying to get a grip on something, but it was as if I was drunk, and trying to walk in high heels with blurred vision. “Harry” I call again. Everything was so close yet so far away. 

Harrys POV. 

I turned around wanting to end the argument, and to just leave so I don’t make it worse. I hear Dana softly call my name, but shrugged it off. I go to open the door, but I hear stumbling, it was if she was drunk or something. I turn around and see her trying to grip something, I was a little confused to what she was doing. “Harry” she calls again, so softly it was barely noticeable, she put one hand on the suricate that was by the edge of the bed, she looked like she was trying to hold herself up. My brain didn’t click or seem to process what was going on with her. 

My POV (Dana)

I found one of the suitcases, well I think it’s the suitcase to hold me up, I didn’t understand why Harry was just watching me, while I was trying to hold myself up. “Dana what are you doing?” he asks seeming so confused and out of it. “I’m going to” I start to say feeling out of breath, and feeling faint. 

Harrys POV

“you’re going to what Dana?” I ask her so confused just standing by the door watching her. My brain suddenly clicks as I see her limp body fall to the floor, I rush to her and she collapses in my arms, before she completely hits the floor. 

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