One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


11. he takes you on vacation-Harry<3

Harry: The smell of cologne is radiating off of Harry’s leather jacket, and you bury your face in it and inhale. “You know, driving this thing is much harder when you’re distracting me,” He looks over his shoulder at you and grins, before revving the engine of the motorcycle you rented for the day. As if on cue, he nearly runs into a man running a fruit stand, who begins shouting at him in Italian. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Obviously not forgiven, the man struts off, and you try to cover up your laughter. Biting his lips, Harry looks at you, and then asks, “how about we see the sights then?” You nod, and then he takes you speeding off into the heart of Rome. As you fly by the Coliseum, the Pantheon, and too many beautiful pieces of architecture to count, you can’t contain your gasps. Many hours later, it’s getting a bit dark, so he pulls in a small alleyway behind a pizzeria. Hand in hand, you both walk into a square, where a man is singing Opera to a small crowd, and passing around a can for change. Harry generously places a few bills into it, and the man looks ecstatic, and goes to shake his hand. In fragmented and heavily accented English, he asks, “Any, requests, for the man and the beautiful lady?” Harry shrugs, but then an idea strikes you, and you whisper it into the man’s ear. His mouth pops open, and he looks from Harry to you, then back to Harry. “Why of course! It would be my pleasure.” After bowing, he strikes up an operatic style “You’re insecure, don’t know what for…” which makes Harry blush. Laughing, you grab him around the shoulders and kiss lightly, whispering “here’s to a good rest of your tour, okay babe?”
Liam: “Go fish,” Liam said, holding up his cards. It was stuffy inside your small tent, but the wind outside was howling so loud you could barely hear his words. Grimacing, you take a card from the deck. “This isn’t really what I had in mind when I planned a romantic camping getaway,” he said, holding your hand and looking regretful. You shrug and smile, “I don’t know, this is fun.” As you speak, you hear the rain lighten up outside. “We can probably still go outside, it’ll be an adventure!” You say, tugging his hand out of the hut. He puts his raincoat around you and tries to keep up, getting slightly drenched seeing as he’s wearing only a t shirt and jeans. After a few minutes of damp hiking through pine trees up a hill, you reach a crest and stop to rest. Panting, Liam comes up behind you and grins before wrapping his arms around your waist. You turn to give him a wet kiss, and right when your lips part, the clouds part just in time to see the last few minutes of a dazzling sunset. Despite the mud, you sit down on the ground, and when it’s finally dark enough, you and Liam lay down to watch the constellations. “They’re so bright,” he says, “I’ve never seen anything like it.” “Look!” you point, “a shooting star! Make a wish!” Cheesily, he leans over and kisses you again. “I already got mine, what about you?” In response, you take a handful of wet mud and throw it at him, laughing as you do, “that alone makes up for the four hours of Go Fish.” Liam stares in shock for a few minutes, then retaliates with a few mud balls. Laughing, nearly out of control, you two play in the mud as if it were snow, then lay down and ruin your clothes by making mud-angels. “This… is perfect.” You say, holding his dirty hand. “Just like us,” he grins, and looks up at the clear night sky.
Louis: “But the citizens of London are wondering,” Louis is speaking to you from under an umbrella in his dramatic announcers voices, “where is Louis Tomlinson, and where will he strike next?” You giggle, and punch him lightly in the shoulder, “Well, hopefully he’ll be taking his girlfriend to see all of the city’s sights, but hopefully no striking will be involved.” He grins and then holds you around the waist, “well, that depends, are we going up the London Eye?” Nodding, you begin to run off, but the Louis changes his mind. “You know, let’s do something fun,” he said, then meandered over to a group of American tourists snapping pictures of a bridge. “Why ‘ello there, lads and lassies,” he bows and speaks in an outrageous Scottish accent, “you couldn’t tell me what the humdinger is doing in the yarberclinger eh?” Obviously confused, they just stare as you giggle and pull him away. “Your turn,” he grins up at you. “That’s so childish, Lou- oh wait! There’s some more tourists, let’s get them,” you walk up to the group casually, then round on Louis. “I trusted you!” You pull the most exaggerated French accent you can, and fake a fight, “but, zhen you go and run off with zis… zis woman!” To his credit, Louis plays along perfectly. “But, my love, you know my heart lies only with you,” he states in an equally French accent. The tourists just hurry past, giving you a crazed look. As soon as they’re out of sight, you two burst out laughing. Every monument you see, you switch accents, until you get up to the London eye and get to the very top. In his normal voice, he leans down and says, “my love, my heart, this has been the most fun I’ve ever had anywhere.” Grinning, you reply, “first vacation of many, I hope?”. Switching back to his dramatic announcer voice, he nearly shouts, “and that concludes another adventure of Louis- the Tommo- Tomlinson!” and leans down to kiss you.
Niall: “Look at this one, [y/n]!” Niall calls, leaning over the side of the boat to point at a few dolphins in the distance. Shivering, you go up next to him, and say “I didn’t even know there were dolphins in Ireland!” He looks up at you, happier than you’ve ever seen him, and responds “yeah, they aren’t as big as the ones in warmer waters, but hey, they’re home.” After looking around for a moment, he grabs a fishing pole and hands it to you. “Go crazy, babe,” he says, laughing at your expression of complete incompetence. Wrapping his arms around you, he guides the pole into the water with practiced hands. “You know,” you say, “this would be a lot easier if we just drove to the store to buy a fish.” He grins, “that would take all the fun out of the trip! My dad used to take me out on this thing.” He taps the side of the rickety boat. ‘Rickety’ seems like a good adjective to describe the whole adventure, seeing as the bed below deck is rickety, the food supply is rickety, but you understand how Niall feels so at home here. “Babe! Come up! I caught one!” he calls down the stairs, and you can’t contain your disgusted expression at the floppy fish jerking around at the end of the line. “So, Niall, you don’t look at your food any differently knowing that it once looked like this?” He giggles a bit and says “of course not, food is food babe. Later, after the boat has been anchored, the smell of grilling fish battles the smell of fresh salt water. The boat bobs with the waves, and you and Niall are on the deck, wrapped in a blanket, watching the sunset over the blue water. He snuggles up to you, and you put your head on your shoulder, and when you two finally fall asleep it is to the sound of the waves and your steady hearts.
Zayn: “Want to do something spontaneous?” Zayn asks you as you lay on his chest in his London apartment. “Sure, I guess, what do you have in mind?” Thinking he is talking about a night out, or something small, you let out a small gasp when he holds up two train tickets. He grins, “Oh, I don’t know, how about a weekend in Paris to celebrate six months of pure bliss?” After a second thought, he adds, “I hope you say yes, because the train leaves in an hour.” You gape at him for a few seconds, then start saying “of course! I’m going to go pack!” Six hours later, you’re standing on a balcony of a hotel room, which overlooks the center of Paris. “I think this is the second most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” Zayn says, coming up behind you, looking out at the nightlife and lights. “Only the second?” You gaze in wonder. He smiles, “yes, second after you.” Blushing, you turn towards him and kiss him, before saying “You know, this is the city of romance. Let’s go do something romantic.” After gazing inquisitively at you for a moment, you pull him out of the hotel and down the street, into the park surrounding the Eiffel Tower. He buys a bottle of wine from a street vendor, who winks at him and hands him two glasses free of charge. Then, you sit on the grass and people watch, sipping wine. “Oh, Zayn, look at the tower!” you point, and both of you stare in wonder as the tower lights up and begins to sparkle. He turns to kiss you softly, then gets up. “City of love, a night of romance, there’s only one thing missing,” after leaning down to pick you up and carry you back to the hotel, he continues, “I think we need one more glass of wine.” You giggle at him, and he closes the door to the hotel room.

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