One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


9. Hazza :-*

I sat at home watching TV and waiting for Harry to come home. Although he said he would be home in afew hours and I should go to sleep, I stayed up. I was about to fell asleep as I heard keys and the front door open. There he stood, with red eyes and it broke my heart. ”Hey, babe hey what happened? Harry, tell me.” i said wiping away a tear and hugged him. He just hold me thight and buried his face in my neck. “It’s nothing love. Don’t worry. Let’s go to bed.” “Harry Edward, don’t you dare telling me that there is nothing wroing when you come home with red eyes. I’m here okay, I will make it better. You just need to tell me what’s wrong.” I looked him in the eyes and stroke over his cheek. He was so precious. I led him to the couch waiting for him to talk to me. “It’s know…nothing important (Y/N)…” He mumbled. I kissed him hoping it would make him feel better. “Harry, I love you and I can’t stand seein you like this. Please tell me.” He looked at his hands. “Some people or fans or whatever are just….not always nice you know…that’ all.” Not that again. How dare they saying bad things about my love? They don’t even know him! “Harry, love. You know it’s not true! You are perfect, beautiful, kind, funny, intelligent, talented and so loveable. I love you with all my heart and it hurts knowing that you don’t see how perfect you are. They can all fuck off and leave my boyfriend alon because you don’t deserve to be sad. Okay?” I kissed him with all I have. “I love you (Y/N) I don’t know how I deserve you. I love you so so much.” I smiled at him and - thank God- he smiled too. “Now come on babe, I am tired and I want to cuddle with you.” I took his hand and walked upstairs. Later that night he was spooning me and I could hear that he already fell asleep and before I closed my eyes I took my phone and opened my twitter. “Guys, please stop the hate! The boys and Harry don’t deserve this. They worked so hard  and making them feel bad about themselves just because you are jealous and weak is pathetic. I love him and so should everyone of you because he is beautiful.xx” 

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