One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


24. Hazza imagine for Bridgitte ;)


It was friday and you were really bored, harry your boyfriend of 2 months were out with liam, louis, zayn and niall so you were at home waiting for him but he was not comming home untill a couple of hours so you decided to text eleanor and ask her if she wanted to go out shopping, you-“hey El how are you, i was wondering if you wanted to go out shopping to kill time” after two minutes you went on your phone and you got a text “hi babe im fine thanks i would love to go out shopping i’ll bring danielle and perrie, met us at the mall in 30 min” you reply with “awesome see you there”

You were at the mall and you saw a really pretty blue dress that you wanted to try on, when you were making your way to the dressing room you saw harry’s ex, caroline flack she was talking to eleanor and danielle you went to try the dress and it looked beautiful on you it fit your curves perfectly! You went out to show danielle and eleanor and caroline was still there talking to them! eleanor: “omg Bridgitte it look so good on you, you should definetly buy it harry is going to go crazy when he see you in it” caroline: “are you kidding? he is not even going to look at you” you: “sorry, do you have a problem with me?” Caroline: “ohh yeah the fact that you took my boyfriend from me” you: ” haha is this really what it’s all about?” Caroline:” trust me honey he is going to realize that you are not what he want and he is going to leave you” you: “hahha really beacuse lasttime i check’d he weren’t going anywere yesterday when he was screaming my name” caroline got really pissed and eleanor laughed her ass of!

When you got home you saw harry sleeping on the sofa you sat right next to him and played with his curls, he opened his eyes slowly to look at you! Harry:”hi babe how was your day?” You didnt want to tell him about caroline beacuse you figured he was going to be pissed, you:” it was good and now it is even better when you’r here” harry:” you know El told me about caroline” you:” ooh did she?” Harry:” yess now tell me what happend” you told him everything and he just couldnt stop laughing harry:”seriously last night was epic, I loveyou” you:”love you too babe”



Sorry, it's really short. But I hope you like it...
If you wan't another one, there is longe. Just write, okay? Nice day :D


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