One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


8. Harry Styles<3



I walked into my science class with my binder in one hand. I dont like science cause I have to sit next to Harry. He is such a jerk to me. Hes very good looking though but really knows how to piss a girl off. Back in seventh grade he pushed me off a swing set with his little friends looking like he was cool. I never told anyone that i think hes actually cute because everyone would think im weird. Especially my best friend (Y/F/N). She never liked Harry at all. I sat by Harry not saying a word. He did the same staying quiet.

“Okay class so today we have a project to do! You are all assigned a partner and to make things easier its going to be the person your sitting next to.” I looked at Harry who looked absolutely disgusted. I never did anything wrong to him though. I barely even talk to him. We took some notes on cells since thats what our project is about. Harry passed me a piece of paper.

“Meet me at my house at 3 or ill pound your face in. Holmes chapel road 455” I looked up at him but never even took one glance at me. I couldnt stop staring at him though. His curly hair was so perfect. He then turned his head to me as his green eyes met mine. He then smiled then the bell rang. I felt my heart beat fast. For once he smiled at me. He then grabbed his bag and left. I walked out the door heading back to my house. I put my bag down and headed up stairs to get dressed. I took my uniform off and put on my shorts and a button up black top. I put on some high knee socks and sprayed some perfume on. I brushed out my hair letting it fall perfectly. I felt like i had the need to impress him… I grabbed my bag and headed over to his house. I took a deep breath and knocked. About two minutes later he opened it. He had a plain white top on with black skinny jeans . He looked super hot but i showed no emotions.

“You gonna come in or are you just gonna stare at me” He said with a cheeky smile.

“Shut it Styles, im only doing this to get my A” I sat down by the poster board that laid on the floor. I bent down drawing an outline. I heard a bit of a cough from Harry so i looked up and saw him staring at my fully exposed chest. He started to rub his hard length. I licked my lips then put the sharpy down and stood up. I slowly started to unbutton my shirt one by one but i saw how irratated he was so he stood up and ripped my shirt open. I giggled a bit then saw his smile. He crashed his soft lips onto mine. His tongue traced my bottom lip as we started to passionately kiss. I rubbed my hands through his shirt feeling his rock hard abs against my hands. I pulled his shirt off then threw it somewhere in the room. He pushed me to the couch laying me down and pulling my panties and my shorts off.

“Mmm your wet!” He said licking my clit. He inserted two of his large fingers into me thrusting it faster and faster into me till he felt my walls clench tighter then he stopped. 

“What the fuck!” I yelled , pissed that i was about to cum but he didnt finish me off. He unclamped my bra and took his pants off while his hard length hung out. He adjust himself to my entrance penetrating me. He slowly moved into me feeling how tight i was compared to his thick cock. “Uhh fuck” I moaned as he started to move fast and faster. He bent down to kiss me as he thrust harder and faster hitting my g-spot.

“Oh shit i-im gonna c-cum!” He said thrusting faster . I felt my walls clench once more as i came. He came not long after i did spilling his hot liquid into me. He laid his sweaty body on top of me. ” That was great!” He whispered in my ear. “Um (Y/N) ive been wanting to tell you this but ive been in love with you this whole time. Im sorry for being such a jerk” He said looking into my eyes. Ours noses touched as our lips were just inches away.

“Ive been in love with you too Harry.. ” I said. We kissed on more time. We gathered back our clothes and started the project back up. I stayed the night at Harry’s cuddling in his bed as we began round two.

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