One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


6. Endnu en med Nialler, der kommer sikkert flere.


This just wasn’t your week. You had been in the worst mood ever! Your car broke down on your way to work on Monday; you got locked out of your flat on Tuesday, not to mention your relationship crisis. You found out your boyfriend of over a year Niall had cheated on you when he was completely wasted a few weekends ago. It was only a drunk kiss he told you multiple times. That didn’t matter though, the fact was you two were in a committed relationship and he just went and threw it away. How could you trust him? Especially with him leaving on the world tour soon.

-2 weeks later-

You and Niall had been over for a little over two weeks. Life was getting better but it stilled killed to be constantly asked about him when you were walking on the street just doing regular day things. You had gone to pick up some Nando’s that you were craving so badly. You should have known he would be there, I mean come on he practically lives there. Maybe that’s the reason you wanted to go though? Secretly in the back of your mind you knew there was a chance he would be there. You walked in and went up to order when all of a sudden you felt his eyes dart exactly at you. You awkwardly stood there waiting for your food which seemed like hours. Once they finally gave it to you, you could still tell Niall was intensely staring at you. “Making it obvious much?” You thought to yourself. “(y/n)! Hey!” Niall called out as he grabbed your shoulder turning you around. You gave him a somewhat of a dirty glare but trying to be kind of friendly with it. “Umm hey Niall.” Why was he acting like nothing happened? “Do umm you maybe want to stop by tonight? I have some of your stuff and I think we need to talk about what happened now that we are all cooled down.” “Sure, Okay yeah that’s fine is six good?” “Perfect! See you than!” he smiled and watched you walk away. You got to his flat around six and just walked in out of habit. As soon as you stepped in you say Niall standing there. “Just let yourself in why don’t ya?” He said smiling. “Shit” you mumbled under your breath, “Sorry just out of habit.” “No problem love, Okay so here is a box of your stuff but you don’t get it until we talk.” He said acting quite cheeky. “Niall I-“ You got cut-off by him, “Listen to me first, I never meant to kiss her (y/n) I love you, only you. These last two weeks have been a living hell. I don’t want to go away on a world tour and know you won’t be there for me when I get home, or when I need someone to talk to.” This time you cut him off by kissing him. He returned the kiss passionately. It was quite obvious your relationship was being picked up from where it left off. 

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