Little Things

Jennyfer has just moved from Australia back to Mullinger, Ireland. When she starts at her new school, she falls head over heels for he Science teacher, Mr. Zayn Malik. She has become friends with Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Harry Styles. But what she doesn't know is that she is at the same school as her brother, Niall Horan. Will she get over Mr. Zayn? Or will she fall for one of the other boys? Lets find out...


8. That afternoon

Jennyfer's P.O.V


I have been hiding behind Niall and the boys for the rest of the day after science class. After a few hours, The day was over. We all piled into the same car and drove off. "So what happened when you fell off the chair in science?" Louis asked. "Yeah! what happened?" Liam said " Why did you fall off that chair?" Niall said trying not to make it obvious that he didnt know. I shrunk down into the front seat and tried to ignore them Next thing i know, I hear Harry say "But it was hillarious when your legs flew up in the air and then there was a loud bang." They all started laughing. I looked at Niall who was driving. He looked at me and soon stopped. "Stop it lads. It was funny but it is over now." We soon pulled up at home and i got straight out, got my bag and ran inside. "Jennyfer!!! Wait!" I heard Liam yell after me. I walked inside, left the door wide open, and ran straight to my room and locked the door. 




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