I always loved you...

I know, I know. You're like "this chick is making ANOTER story?!?! She barely works on the others!!!" well. It came to me. So, I had to. ),: I SORRY BOW TIES! Well. This is what it's about: Julia and Harry were the best of friends in Holmes Chapel. Well, hegot on the X-Factor and well, Julia misses him. When Julia moves to London, will they be reunited? Or will it mean nothing? Will it be Love? Or perminant hate? FIND OUT!!


3. Reunion.

•••this may be a quite short chapter but it might be longer. Idk. Love ya•••
We Go into a black car and, no surprise, 4 more boys aka. One Direction. "Hello, lads. This is an old friend, Julia."

"Hello, love."Lou said. (yes I know who they are. I be a Directioner.)

"Hello"Liam said

"Hi!!"Niall said.

"Goodafternoon"Zayn said

"Hi guys."I replied

"You're American?"zayn asked

"Yes."I said.

We arrived at Harry's house and I got to meet his paret and Gemma so were going to dinner... This will be... Fun... Maybe
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