I always loved you...

I know, I know. You're like "this chick is making ANOTER story?!?! She barely works on the others!!!" well. It came to me. So, I had to. ),: I SORRY BOW TIES! Well. This is what it's about: Julia and Harry were the best of friends in Holmes Chapel. Well, hegot on the X-Factor and well, Julia misses him. When Julia moves to London, will they be reunited? Or will it mean nothing? Will it be Love? Or perminant hate? FIND OUT!!


2. London.

My mom said that we are moving to **DRUM ROLL** L.O.N.D.O.N. LONDON, ENGLAND. EEP!! And, I get to bring my, super fab BFF, MADISON!! Hey... Harry lives in London... I MIGHT BE REUNITED. POWER OF GEEKAZOIDS! We'd say that and fist bump. He's returned my texts saying:Who are you again?xx; Im sorryxxx:WOW. DUDE. FOR REALZIEZ. Well we live in Houston,Texas. So about a nine-hour plane ride. Next to some creep who looks like Harry, smells like Harry, IT'S HARRY!

"Excuse me, sir? Do you have the time?"Just in case it wasn't him.

"Yes, uhm. It's, like 3:30."TWAS HAROLD.

"Excuse me, again. But, uh, are you Harry Styles?"


"Didnt you used to have a friend named, Julia?"ACT COOL, SELF. ACT COOL.

"Yes..."Oh, he remembers me.

"So, you remember Celia and Clyde too huh?"Celia-his girlfriend Clyde-My guy-friend.

"VERY. Clearly. "

"Can you describe Julia for me?"I asked him. HE LOOKED AT ME AND SMILED.

"You can already do that. Try looking in a mirror. I missed you."AWE! So sweet of him.

"Missed you too, Haz. How's Gemma and Anne these days?"

"Come with me an you can find out."Yay!!

"Geekazoids Unite?"I held my fist out.

"Geekazoids Unite."He said with a smile.
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