Frenemies forever


8. 8

after the mystery yesterday, Anna seemed to be quiet than i remembered. the only sound from her was her fingers typing rapidly. we fell quiet too. Candy was munching on a double cinnamon toast. Courtney was done eating her lunch. she was pondering. I looked on my dictionary. we only have 3 more minutes for our test on language. our teacher was Mr. Roger. finally, lunch was done. i grabbed my bag and hurried. Anna and the others have different classes so that meant we need to split up. Mr. Roger gave us some time to study. i pulled out my pen. it was a feather pen. maybe it's from a peacock or an ostrich maybe. i filled in the blanks. finally, i was done. i passed my paper. i began putting my books in my bag. a few more minutes, we could go home. i zipped closed my bag. my cell phone rang. it was just the school's news. Shirley said that summer vacation will be extended to three months and a half. i was jumping. the bell rang, students ran from the hallway. i screamed. they stopped and waited for my command. i walked out of the door. when i was on the bus they started screaming and running again. when i got home, i searched for my book and opened mom's laptop. Mr. Roger looked like a genius or something. after all, the test was like a piece of a cake with dirty molds that our pet, Birdie kept on eating. i wonder if birds eat molds. until now i always faint when Birdie flies and drops a piece of a bread with a HUGE mold in it. i am soooooooooooooooooo not sure what's with that




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