Frenemies forever


7. 7

well! You'll never believe what my mom did. I was reading my lesson when mom knocked i told her i was busy. And she was pounding the door. Finally, i opened it. She a holding a box full of delivery. It was from mom opened it and it was full of nursery rhymes book. Like Goldilocks and the three bears  and full of dorky books! And then she told me i was going to read these books to the children at the central library. I almost fainted. If mom bought those unbelievable things at school, the other students may post and tell that to Shirley P. Macourtney, the creator of the newspaper. The gossip on school  is stronger than the biggest rock on the world! this time, the door was wide open so i heard my phone rang in the kitchen. i forgot to get it in the table. i told mom i need to talk in "private". so she took away the boxes out of my room. thank goodness! it was Courtney. "Hey, Bea, i'm going to Anna's house, she told me that her house has been full of mysteries. and she's at the basement." "No way! her house has, MYSTERIES?" i asked. "of course! mine has too! the wall started molding and wet, spooky!" she said. "you mean your house is wet? it's because of the coldness you freak!" i cried. that happens to other houses. on cold times, anyway. i went there. they were all at Anna's basement. "something strange" Anna said. "my mom told me i don't have a big sister, but look," she said. "this is what it says on the album, Sara Mimi aged 4, died on a car crash at December." we were shocked some of us cried. Anna can't believe it. "I had a sister? aged 4? died on a car crash?" Anna said on school. our lockers were sticked together so we could talk in peace. "maybe this is just a misunderstanding, maybe you do have a big sister long ago. but when she died, your mom just don't want to talk about it." Courtney said.

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