Frenemies forever


6. 6

well, maybe Jackson wasn't such a bad guy anyway. dreams to good nightmares!! no school today. summer vacation! Jackson's mom really liked me so she said to have vacation with Jackson and my, well, i guess for this time i'll call them best friends forever. i packed my sunblock, clothes, sunglasses and some of my favorite fashion magazines to die for. mom and dad agreed since i had A+ at school. they were really proud of me even if i was really mean. i heard my phone rang. Jackson said that i only had 20 minutes to pack. i said that was okay since, i was already going at his house. when i got there, he said he was happy to have vacation with me and my friends. that seems a bit corny but also seems like a cute word. we all climbed to a taxi but we had two taxis since we can't fit in just one. right now, i found myself in a cool beach. the air wasn't really that hot. i'm mean in the outside, but dreamy and nice in the inside. i went to the shower room. i put on my baby blue lipstick. i put on my summer dress. i really don't feel like wetting myself in bikini's. "ahhh.. a nice summer vacation to die for." Candy said. "Nothing like tests and homeworks right?! just putting your feet in the sand." Anna said, cheerfully. "remember girlfriends" i said standing up. "this vacation is to enjoy, no stupid jerky words, understand?" "oh, yeah! that command may be thick but i guess i'll listen to you" Courtney said. "well, i guess i'll follow" Jackson said, laughing. "GOOD!" i said. "that will all keep you from zero popularity." i put on my sunblock. after that, we went on the top of the mountain. on the top is a big jacuzzi. i picked out my telescope and scanned the island. i drew the island. Jackson told me i was lucky to draw a beautiful landscape. so i said "thank you"

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