Frenemies forever


5. 5

well, this time, i was getting more curious. one more mistake i'll blow out everyone's ears with a loud, spicy scream. this time, i'm going to take that Jackson to the principal's office by friending that Henry so-called guy. as i walked to the front steps, my cell-phone rang. it was THE DAILY HIGH-NEWS. when i saw it, i can't hardly believe it. some nerdy students trashed my property! or the school property. i pushed open the doors. it was a mess! tissue papers were around the walls. and for more bad news, the walls and the lockers were stained with tomatoes! i stomped my foot. Jackson told me that another high-school "school" trashed our school. he told me that he'd help me clean up if i'll agree. so, i nodded. i called Anna to tell everyone the news. students were running around in panic. just then i searched my bag. i found my telescope. i scanned the whole school. "Jackson!" i called so he asked me why i screamed. "go and tell my frenemies to help out and calm the students! i got some cleaning command to do" "so, um, frenemies?" Jackson muttered. "JUST GO AND HURRRRRRY!" i cried. so he raced on the hallway. i was still scanning. i found out that maybe i'll use the tissues to clean the stains. finally, Ebony, Anna, Candy  and Courtney arrived. Anna was able to calm the people. after cleaning it.  our principal gave us a cleaning trophy by cleaning it with no complaints. when i came out of the school. some guys and girls threw out tomatoes at me. i shrieked. "THOSE CLOTHES TRASHING ANIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLS!" i command everyone to throw tomatoes at them. we had won the battle. and thanks to JACKSON!!

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