Frenemies forever


4. 4

next day, no fails! everything seems to work the things i wanted. and Jackson, kinda seem friendly than before. today was the best day of my life. i never seemed so happy in whole world. but of course, manners, laws, i have to keep out my smile. i don't know why we have to be rude, EXCUSE THEM! this lunch, i didn't hurried that much. maybe i'll do my next routine practice as homework then. i went to my locker. i entered the password. it didn't open. i kicked my locker, at that time Jackson went to open my locker. i was like, HEY, DON'T FORGET, THANKS!! i grabbed my cellphone and text Ebony, Courtney, Candy and Anna for a sleepover at my house. for sure we could do it in my room, because mom and dad were on a cruise traveling to the great barrier reef to Canada. i'm sure it takes a long day. after i text them, i put on my pink lipstick, but i bent my body that i didn't know that Henry was there so he bumped me and my lipstick was around my face. i turned and...........................SHRIEKED WITH ANGER!! i ran to the girls bathroom. good thing Jackson shoved Henry when i ran because i can't stand another year of that miserable dork. i wish he'll just get lost. i washed my face. Anna who knew the news told Courtney what happened so the four of them went there. "i just want to cry and disappear." i said, more tears rolled down. i don't know how mean i was, but i have to continue. Ebony and Candy went to find Henry to make a confession to the priest. i'm sure it will take more than a year for him to explain his sins. well, my day was again, FAILED


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