Frenemies forever


3. 3

okay, after science class, i went to the gym. i saw Ebony, Candy, Courtney and Anna were there. my eyes turned on the sides, I saw Jackson Bone, he's my no. 1 crush. well i don't impress guys to be my boyfriend, i leave them alone, besides i'm so busy today. i asked him that he can't use the gym today because we're going to use the whole gym. "well, i'm not using the gym" Jackson said. "i came here to wait for Henry." i raised an eyebrow. "OMG! you got friends who has done trouble in BGE  high-school?" i blurted out. " first he knew my locker password, second he used my lip-gloss as crayons, and the third, he loves to make paper airplanes with my books! i was supposed to finish my Harry Potter book, it's the last edition!" when Jackson heard that, he understand, after- all he liked everybody. and why did i said this? being PRIME DIVA in school, is a rule, you must have friends like my frenemies. and third i must trust my own high-school from damages. like the cheer-leading. by now, Henry went to the room. "hey hottie" Henry said. "meet me at the science lab and let's color with you crayons!" i rolled my eyes. i was about to shriek that lip-gloss and lipsticks aren't crayons but Jackson shoved him before he gets to trouble. i was glad. i found myself learning a lesson: GO NEAR TO JACKSON SO HENRY CAN'T REACH ME! so i gave my idea to them we did back-flips and we did them perfectly. this time, i was rank: QUEEN BEE. Haha! that's what we done for today. i sat with, Ebony, Candy, Courtney and Anna at lunch. Ebony got a turkey sandwich, which is pretty normal because it's her favorite. Candy got a jar of lollipop, Courtney has a heart cookie and cocktail grapes and Anna has grape soda, and sardines. i had another free smoothie, and spaghetti. now, i'll just try to make my group the best of the best!

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