Frenemies forever


2. 2

next day, epic fail. my cheer-leading members, Ebony Sanchez, Candy Wilson,  Courtney and Anna Mimi arrived for practice. i told them i'll give them my ideas and i'll relax in the sofa. so i gave them a piece of a lesson. Ebony was very sleepy while i was discussing. so i was like, "Hey you! why  haven't you slept?" but i just said it in my mind. it's  a failure our group in BGE high-school. will never win the championship. i only have one or five trophies missing in the trophy room. Courtney was very responsible for everything. she keeps me fro giving up my routines. finally, i saw Ebony snoring away. i felt sick, i wanted to cry like a newborn who wants to go back on her mom's stomach. i shrieked i screamed. i cried with no tears. i broke the glass door, the glass ceiling and the windows. they have just finish repairing it for the tenth tie. Candy put on a candy, sweet smelling earplugs. i haven't stop shrieking. so i finally cried and told myself there's nothing but make myself pay for it. i ran to the school hallway. Anna felt sorry for me, too. but i guess she wasn't born normal because she can't cry with tears. i ran to the trophy room. there's just no way i'm going to break those trophies. i stared at  them in horror. "my cheer-leading trophies  i'm acting like a fool. i'm disappointing my friends.  there's  nothing i could do. it's never gonna be my....................................................LEGACY" i said to myself i slipped on the wall. and there alone,i didn't stayed there very long. at lunch, i went to my locker room. my lips were drying. so i put on my brand new SPARKLING DIVA LIP GLOSS. it has beautiful sparkles that sparkles in the sun. i went to my lunch table. sometimes i eat alone in a long lunch table guarded by a bunch of police and cheerleaders. i sometimes have free smoothies. this time, i want to be alone. i need to spend the whole lunch time to think what to do. this time i knew what was important i hurried home and wrote a routine, maybe that's what i'm going to do. 

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