Came to dance, found more

This is Jai Brooks fanfic but it does include every member of the Janoskians. Claudia is just an average girl, well that is until she moves to Melbourne. Claudia's life changes ALOT when she moves. She auditions for Jason Colemans ministry of dance and well its pretty obvious that she falls head over heals with Jai Brooks from the Janoskians.

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2. Spilt coffee!

After the audition I went to grab a coffee from Starbucks before heading back to my hotel. I ordered my coffee and started to walk out but bumped into a a stranger spilling coffee all over him! Well at that moment in time I thought he was a stranger. "oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" I say while trying to put the lid on my coffee. "that's alright I did that to somebody the other day Aswell haha!" he says in a friendly tone. You look up and realize who you were talking to. It was Jai.. Yep Jai brooks from the janoskians! I feel I feel like the best thing in the world is happening right now but you see, it's not, I'm staring at him and have been for about 20 seconds.

"umm hello? Are you awake? Or alive at least?" he asks while waving his hand in my face. I finally get out of my day dream stare thing whatever you want to call it. "ahh yeah haha sorry just didn't realize who I had spilt coffee on till well just then haha" I say hoping he doesn't think I'm a crazy fangirl.. Which I am... "that's alright, do you need to be anywhere at the moment?" he asks me sweetly. I cant believe I'm having a half normal conversation with hai brooks! "no, not right now," I reply straight away before taking a sip of what is left of my coffee. "well I'm here with Luke so do you wanna go sit with him while I grab a few drinks? Beau might be here soon Aswell," he says with like the most amazing smile ever! "sure!" I say in return, who would say no to that offer?!?! "righto, I'll take you over to him now!" he says as he softly grabs my arm and playfully pulls me over to Luke and introduces me to him.

"back!" jai says as he sits down next to me.. Not Luke his twin brother but me! He hands you and Luke your coffees. You look down at your coffee cup and where it's meant to say your name it said 'cutie!' I smiled at this and Luke noticed. "what are you smiling at?" he says as he grabs your cup. "ohhhhh Jai's trying  to tune!!! Hahahaha!" he says while in hysterics laughing. (incase you don't know what tuning is, it's kind of like trying to get someone to like you and date you sorta thing haha it's a bit hard to explain). "shut up Luke!" Jai says obviously embarrassed. You laugh at the 2 brothers fighting. 

The boys and I talk for a while and jai got a text from beau saying that he can't come because him and James really wanted to do a twitcam. "how are you getting home?" Luke asks me. "umm I was gonna walk or catch a taxi," I say before taking the last sip of my coffee. "I gather from your answer that your not from here haha, you seriously don't want to walk around her alone at night and the taxi drivers around here have dropped people of at the wrong place a few times! Haha" Jai says laughing. "we'll drive you and where are you from? Haha" Luke asks, "I'm from Brisbane, I came her to audition for a dance school and if I don't get in I have to go back home," I  say kind of disappointed that i'll have go home if I  don't get in. Wait a second, what was the first thing Luke said? Did he seriously say we'll take you home? Ohhh myyyy gosssshhh! Fangirling! On the inside! Haha.

"so, where are you staying?" Jai asks, "umm to be honest I don't know what the name is haha but I know the address and the directions!" I reply truthfully! "well lets go then because I wanna get into part of the twitcam beau and James are doing!" Luke says happily. "Claudia! You should come over for a while!! Pleeaasse! So you can meet more of the janoskians!" Jai says trying to get me to go to his place. "I know you want to!" he says a few seconds later, "alright, fine but you's have to drive me home! Before midnight haha I wanna go shopping early tomorrow!" I say, obviously he was right and it was an offer I couldn't resist. 

**sneek peak into chapter 3!**
As we jumped out of Luke's car Jai sneakily took hold of my hand and pulled me through the front door. "beau!! We're home! We gotta friend/fan/girl Jai is tuning with us!" Luke yells. "shut up Luke!" Jai says still  embarressed. Jai pulls me into a small living room and I saw beau and James sitting on a couch with a MacBook on James' lap. "well well well! I see Jai has found a new crush!" beau says making a stupid evil look as a joke. "haha beau, James, this is Claudia! She's my friend and I am NOT tuning her!" Jai says towards Luke. 
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