Came to dance, found more

This is Jai Brooks fanfic but it does include every member of the Janoskians. Claudia is just an average girl, well that is until she moves to Melbourne. Claudia's life changes ALOT when she moves. She auditions for Jason Colemans ministry of dance and well its pretty obvious that she falls head over heals with Jai Brooks from the Janoskians.

Heres the deal... you read this movella and like, favorite, comment ext. I most probably will return the favour (: I also write a One Direction Fanfic with one of my best friends so check it out if you like 1D!


19. She can't leave...

*gonna skip the camping trip but this chapter will explain a fare but of the camping trip*

Claudia's POV
Camping last week was interesting... The so called 'amazing campsite' was all that amazing and even though we weren't in Melbourne, the famous 4 seasons in 1 day still didn't leave us alone. Woke up, rain, few minutes later, sun, about an hour later, freezing cold and really windy, then there was a sun shower, then a small storm, then really sunny and hot, then rain all night oh and did I mention that this all repeats the next day? Yeah, not all of Australia has amazing sunny weather, that's the only thing I miss about Queensland, the sun, and the fact the it only changed seasons every 3 months not every 3 minutes.

So I guess you want to know what happened on this trip. I still hate James, I'm just more civil towards him and Jai wants us to be friends do he left me and James in a tent for an hour and we weren't allowed to leave and if I still hated him after that then that's fine to Jai. Whilst being in the tent for just half an hour James decides to kiss me, I pulled away, slapped him and ran out of the text to Jai who gladly threw a punch at James and yeah... They haven't talked since...

James' POV!
I didn't mean to kiss her it's just I, I don't know. Something came over me and I have no idea what it was, I've never had feelings towards her. I don't even like her as a friend, she so annoying, stuck up and well I guess you could say you can tell she's not from Melbourne, she such a little 'Mummies gorgeous prima ballerina' I hate her, why did I kiss her? Why? What was I thinking? I hate her, she hates me, it's always been that way... I think.

Nobodies POV!
James thinks he hates her because she hates him and she annoys him. But what he doesn't realize is he's slowly falling head over heals for this girl who is already taken. His always had feel for her and that's why his been such a jerk toward her ever since they met. James needs to sort his feelings out and get rid of the feelings for claudia if he wants to be friends again with Jai and well what will happen with 'the janoskians'? It's not right without him and there's one person the blame in this situation. Claudia. But how can she leave when she's now living with Jai and he is head over heals inlove with her? Plus even if she leaves the group, who's to say they won't still see her around? I mean, she's still gonna live in Melbourne, she has to, she's dancing for Jason Coleman's ministry of dance, one in a life time opportunity. If she does have to leave the group, she can't leave the dance studio. Well I mean... she could, but she'd be throwing away her life...

*2 weeks later at beau's apartment*

Claudia's POV!
"James shut up! You don't know the pain dancers go through so don't call us wusses, or little princess'! We throw out bodies into the ground landing on our knees! We wear freaking pointe shoes and incase you didn't know imagine standing on the tips of your toes in pretty much a very very tight hard wooden no an stabbing your feet into the ground! Your such a j-" I screamed at James until beau cut in, "Claudia just leave it! I'm sick of this! Ever since you came this group has been nothing! The only improvement you've made is making Jai happier! It would be best of you just left," beau said. "fine I'll just go home," "no, I mean leave the group..." "whatever!"

Jai's POV!
What was going on! She can't leave! She mine! I shot beau a dirty look before running out to find Claudia, she had gone, I could see a taxi driving away. I took the next taxi I saw and tipped him for driving over the speed limit, I need to stop her, she can't leave me! We pulled up outside our apartment and I paid the driver. I ran halfway through the hall and saw her locking the door behind her with a packed suitcase. 

"Claudia, please don't-" she cut in
"Jai, the group is happier without me, forget about me, forget about us, imagine we never met-"
"I can't,"
"you can Jai, you just have to try,"
She pushed past me and walked into the lift, tears rolled down my face like a waterfall. I ran down the fire stairs and saw her walking out the doors of the lobby and get into a taxi.
"Claudia don't leave me!" I call out, she looked at me with sad eyes and mouthed sorry. I fell to my knees and held my head in the palm of my hands, I didn't care about the people walking past. She left, just like that, the best thing to ever happen to me just left. Why? Because beau says its best, NO! It's not best! I have to get her back, I don't care what it takes or the consequences, I need her in my arms again. 

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