Came to dance, found more

This is Jai Brooks fanfic but it does include every member of the Janoskians. Claudia is just an average girl, well that is until she moves to Melbourne. Claudia's life changes ALOT when she moves. She auditions for Jason Colemans ministry of dance and well its pretty obvious that she falls head over heals with Jai Brooks from the Janoskians.

Heres the deal... you read this movella and like, favorite, comment ext. I most probably will return the favour (: I also write a One Direction Fanfic with one of my best friends so check it out if you like 1D!


22. I need you now (part 1)

Claudia's POV! 
"You can make one 30 second phone call but you cannot call lover boy and you shouldn't even try your mum or sister because they won't be able to answer, Nathan said sternly as he handed me my phone and watched over my shoulder. I scrolled through the contacts and saw beaus contact. I hovered my thumb over the call button, I quickly ran into the bathroom and locked the doors so Nathan wouldn't be able to hear my conversation. 

I pressed beau's contact and waited for an answer. I could hear Nathan screaming curses from the other side of the door. Beau finally answered on the last ring, "Claudia before you say anything-" I cut beau off "beau I need you right now! My ex is trying to kidnap me! Come now! Quickly! I'm at mums apartment! I need you desperately!" I whispered/yelled. 

Nathan bursts through the door knocking it over. "What the hell do you think you're doing!" he yelled, his face inches away from mine. "I just called beau, no harm in calling him! His not jai okay!" I said annoyed. "I know his not jai! Beau is jai's brother! And I heard you ******* tell him about this whole situation!" he raised his fist at me. A tear ran down my cheek as I whimpered, he dropped his fist and I let out a deep breathe. "Last chance Claudia, take it for granted, you don't deserve a chance" Nathan said before snatching the phone and pulling my over his shoulder. He sat me on the kitchen table. "You will do what I say or when I say, you know the consequence, now get out of those sweaty dance clothes you have on, pack whatever clothes you need, don't bring a big bag, nothing bigger then a backpack, no electronic devices or things that can be tracked, you have 10 minutes," I sat there in shock just staring at him, "go!" he raised his voice.

Authors note! I'm so sorry that I haven't been updating often and that this is a short chapter but this is only part 1 of the chapter, I haven't had time to write the entire chapter so I've posted what I've written and hopefully part 2 will be up later this week (no promises!) once again I'm really sorry!

Also! Please comment your thoughts on this story and what do you all think of Nathan? Why do you think he bahaves like this? And why he is so possessive? Bye bye lovely readers! Once again I'm very sorry
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