Came to dance, found more

This is Jai Brooks fanfic but it does include every member of the Janoskians. Claudia is just an average girl, well that is until she moves to Melbourne. Claudia's life changes ALOT when she moves. She auditions for Jason Colemans ministry of dance and well its pretty obvious that she falls head over heals with Jai Brooks from the Janoskians.

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5. I knew it!

**HEY EVERYONE!! Just saying that we have 2 fanfics that are currently being updated every few days! This one and a one direction on called 'started with a big apple' don't judge the title you'll understand it once you read! Hope your enjoying 'came to dance found more' because we love writing it! So ENJOY this chapter! (: **

I woke up and checked the time on my phone, it was 8:00 and I decided to get up to make breakfast for Jai and I. I swung my legs around so they were dangling off the bed but Jai wrapped his arms around my waist and sleepily said "don't leave." I giggled a bit and turned to face him, I kissed him on the nose before quickly running into the kitchen. I pulled out bacon, eggs and English muffins and started to cook. A few minutes later Jai walked up behind me and hugged me from behind resting his chin on my shoulder. "what's cookin' good lookin'?" he asks me and winks, "I'm sorry but I didn't know my boyfriend was born in 1960!" I said as I turned around to face him and gave him a quick kiss. 

I finished cooking breakfast and we ate on the couch, "wanna come apartment shopping with me today?" I ask him as I take his plate to put it in the dishwasher, "sure! But I gotta be home by 6:30, I'm going out to dinner with the fam bam, accually do you wanna come?" he asks as he follows me into the kitchen. I jump onto the kitchen bench and let my legs dangle off the edge, "sure babe!" I say before steal his beaning and run off. I dive onto the bed and crawl under the covers and hold down the blankets so he can't pull them up. I hear the bedroom door open and footsteps walking towards the corner of the room. "oh wow your suitcase is really neat and tidy, it would be such a pity if somebody tipped it over!" he says as if he is talk to himself and nobody is around even though he knows I'm here. "okay! I surrender! Only because I'm bit OCD and I don't want to rip your head off!" I say teasingly as I throw my hands in the air and he takes the beanie off my head, "thanks babe," he says before kissing me.

We sat on my bed for a while jut talking about random stuff for a while and somehow it turned into a tickle war! "I'm gonna go home for about half an hour to get ready I'll be back at 10:00 to pick you up to go apartment hunting!" he says while grabbing his car keys, "righto babe! Cya later!" I say before giving him a quick goodbye kiss.

Jai's POV!
I walked in the front door and beau pretty much tackled me! "why didn't you come home last night?!" he yelled at me winking. "we did nothing! Don't be gross! Haha" I laughed back at him. "oh well are you's together?" he says as he walks into the kitchen, me following. "yeah!" I reply while grabbing a glass of juice, "KNEW IT!" Beau yells while shaking me! 

Me and beau talked for a bit then I realized I had 10 minutes to get ready and be at claudia's hotel. I had a quick shower and threw on a pair of shorts and a vans shirt and slipped on a pair of grey vans. I took my beanie and walk into the lounge room, "cya beau! Tell mum I'm bringing Claudia to dinner!" I say before heading out the front door. It's only a 2 minute drive to the hotel so I wasn't that late, although she was waiting for me out the front. 

She looked up from her phone and smiled as she saw my car arrive. She jumped in the front seat and I gave her a quick kiss. As we were driving she stole my beanie once again, "you really like my beanies don't you!" I say while looking at her through one of the mirrors, "sure do!" she says while pulling the duck face. "quack quack!" I say to her before pulling up at the first detonation. 

**gonna skip a few hours of apartment shopping because well that would be like overly BORING! So I'll cary on starting a few hours later! ENJOY!**

"well I think it's safe to say that the first apartment is the only nice looking, decent sized apartment in my price range!" Claudia says as we drive back to the first destination. "yep! Unless you want an apartment with hobo's living in it or rats crawling in the corner or like no room to fit a bed and cracked tiles, I'd go with the first apartment! Haha" I say as we both laugh. We pull up at the first destination which will probably end up being my second home! Claudia talked to the manager about rules and she signed a few papers and discussed the rent. "so when do you want to move?" the manager asks her, "umm I think Wednesday!" "great! See you then!" he says before we head back to the hotel. I dropped Claudia off at the hotel and told her I would pick her up in an hour. 

Claudia's POV
Today was amazing! And now I'm going out to dinner with my boy and his fam bam! I had a shower and pulled on a navy blue lace dress that hugged my figure and had a big circular cut out in the back. I applied some make up and curled my blonde hair letting it fall down my back. I slipped on my favorite cream heals and headed down to the lobby to wait for Jai. I saw his car drive around the corner and I ran out the door so I could see him as soon as his car pulled up. A few second later I jumped in his car and was greeted with a fairly long kiss! And we headed to the restaurant to meet up with beau, Luke and their mum.
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