Came to dance, found more

This is Jai Brooks fanfic but it does include every member of the Janoskians. Claudia is just an average girl, well that is until she moves to Melbourne. Claudia's life changes ALOT when she moves. She auditions for Jason Colemans ministry of dance and well its pretty obvious that she falls head over heals with Jai Brooks from the Janoskians.

Heres the deal... you read this movella and like, favorite, comment ext. I most probably will return the favour (: I also write a One Direction Fanfic with one of my best friends so check it out if you like 1D!


8. Day 1

Claudia's POV!
I woke up with the sun beaming straight through the windows and into my eyes. My alarm hadn't even gone off yet, the sun has obviously done a better job. I turned over to look at Jai, I sighed when I remembered he's not there. I slowly worked my way out of bed and into the kitchen to have my breakfast. I had a shower and pulled on some dance wear. Plain black booty shorts with a purple sports bra and I threw on a loose singlet to try and stay at least a bit warmer. I applied light make up and pulled my hair up into a messy bun. "day one," I whisper to myself as a watch my reflection in the mirror. 

I caught a taxi to my new dance company. As I walked in, everyone there new I was the newbie, ofcourse I wasn't the only new one here, or was I? I followed the rest of the dancers into studio A and started to warm up. Jason walked in about 15 minutes later, "Excuse me everyone but before we get started, is Claudia Jones here?" Jason yelled over the chatty stuck up dancers, incase you didn't know dancers, especially when they get to this level can be quite stuck up and rude. "umm yeah that would be me," I say as I raise my hand. "Great! Claudia could you please follow me I need to tell you great news!" Jason said with great enthusiasm. I follow him down a wide corridor into a small office. "Please sit down," Jason said with his hand gesturing the same. **okay so I'm gonna have to do a dialogue here, sorry but it's the easiest way right now, C=Claudia J=Jason**
J- so, how are you Claudia? Are you excited?
C-very well thanks and I'm extremely excited, I've waited for this my whole life!
J- well as you've already probably realized you are the only new one with the group you are in. You are in the top performance group as a first year student, do you have any idea what that means?
C- it means that I have to give everything I've got and show everyone why I'm here ??
J- that's right! I've never done this and it's a hit or miss situation, you need to prove to me that you should be in this group or I will put you down in the group with the rest of beginners, do you understand?
C- I understand
J-great now let's introduce you to everyone

Jason led me into studio A again and once again the stares started. "everyone be nice to Claudia, she's a first year student and I've put her in his group because I know what she is capable of, respect me decisions and respect Claudia and there will be no problems!" I just stood there awkwardly as they jut ignores everything Jason had said and continued staring. Jason started to pour out all of his choreography ideas and man they were amazing. He started to list everyones roles in this dance, my jaw nearly dropped when I found out that myself and Will (who I guessed was probably the top dancer) were the mains. Jason began placing us and giving us our choreography. He came towards Will and I and told us our parts and what to do. Me and Will are apparently inlove but are continuously fighting and it turns to divorce. I started shaking knowing that me the beginner in a group of people who had danced her for years had been given the main part, they will absolutely hate me right now! Jason must of seen my nerves and placed his hand on my back and whispered, "ignore them, they're just jealous that a beginner is better then them, dancers are bitches."

When the 6 hour rehearsal finished Jason told us to all check our lockers to see our new timetables as they've had to be changed. When I saw mine it turned out that I have a private lesson with one of the extra choreographers today. I quickly texted Jai :to Jai- hey babe turns out I've got another class today see in about 3 hours sorry, xx. I put my phone away and headed to studio B where my private lesson would be held. 

I walk into studio B and sit in the center of the floor and start to stretch as I wait for my choreographer to turn up. About 10 minutes later the door opened and the one person I dreaded seeing ran through the door "sorry I'm late!" she said, she hadn't even looked at me yet. My eyes widened as still hadn't looked at her new student, she pulled her shoes off in the corner of the room and turned around, "oh gosh," she mumbled under her breath as she looked at me... "hi Victoria," I say with no expression at all. (if you don't remember Victoria is the tall skinny lady from the beginning of the story who has known Claudia since she was a child and they hate eachother)
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