Came to dance, found more

This is Jai Brooks fanfic but it does include every member of the Janoskians. Claudia is just an average girl, well that is until she moves to Melbourne. Claudia's life changes ALOT when she moves. She auditions for Jason Colemans ministry of dance and well its pretty obvious that she falls head over heals with Jai Brooks from the Janoskians.

Heres the deal... you read this movella and like, favorite, comment ext. I most probably will return the favour (: I also write a One Direction Fanfic with one of my best friends so check it out if you like 1D!


11. Couldn't be more happy!

Jai's POV!
Things a great! I week has passed singed I've moved in with Claudia and she seems happy with her new dance company. My mum, Tahlia and Claudia seem to all get along great and James and Claudia had a chat and he is now in her good books, I have not idea how long he'll last in that book!

Claudia's POV
Well things are fine, I've had better days but I've also had worse. Jai and I are perfect and I couldn't be happier with him. I'm pretending to like James so him and Jai and continue being friends and well dance is the usual dance. Incase you didn't know the 'usual dance' is when you have the bitch, the hater, they gay one, the ferral, the loner and all the in between, plus you have choreographers... some you hate, some you absolutely love. My question is, if dancers annoy me so much, why am I a dancer? Oh wait I know! It's because I love dance and you push through pain to do what you love! DUHH! I'm like bitching towards myself.. This is strange.

As I was saying this past week has had its ups and downs but the most important thing is me and Jai couldnt be more happy. I'm about I have a shower so I can go shopping with Tahlia, and she's apparently going to introduce me to one of her friends so I can't wait! I sneak out of bed to go have a shower but Jai grabs my waist and pulls me into him. "don't go yet babe," he whispers into my ear. "Sorry to break the news but I have to," I kissed him quickly before leaving him and heading to the shower. As I stepped out of the shower the cold Melbourne breeze hit me and I shiver went all the way down my spine. I put on a lacy baby blue dress with a cap sleeve and some pale pink flats and some pale pink accessories. I straightened my hair and did a waterfall braid across the back. I applies some make up before saying bye to Jai. I took the lift down to the lobby of my apartment building and waited out the front for Tahlia and her friend to pick me up.

I saw Tahlias cute and shiny red car turn the corner and head towards me. When she pulled up I opened one of the back doors and jumped in. "hey Clauds! This is Georgia," Tahlia said turning around to look at me with a smile. "hey Tahlia! Hey Georgia, I'm Claudia if you didn't know, you can call me Clauds because everyone has just started calling me that randomly haha" I say sending both of them a quick smile. When we got to the shopping center we went to pretty much every shop that wasn't packed and being a Wednesday morning that was basically every shop! Through the day I found out the Georgia is working with RSPCA! How cool would that be! You would get to play with baby animals all day! AHHH I'm jealous that would be amazing but my job is still pretty damn amazing!

When I got home I found 2 twins cooking dinner! How cute haha. I snuck in so they didn't hear me and I took a picture and posted it on Facebook. "Olahh my gaybos!" I yell, "hey babe," Jai said while turning his head, "hello mother!" luke chimed, okay so Luke has been spending a lot of time at my place with Jai and I've been looking after them like the we're babies so luke now calls me mother.. he's a strange wild Pokemon. I leant over Jai's shoulder and pulled out a strand of pasta from the pot, "man I'm hungry, you's better hurry up with that dinner!" I say as I pinch Jai's bum making him jump. The night just carried on like that, just us three doing random stuff. We eventually all went to sleep and luke deciding it would be cool to bunk in with Jai and I, luckily he slept on the other side of Jai, not on my side. 

**sorry about the bad chapter, I didn't really know what to write so I wrote what was on my mind and that was a bad idea because it turned out sounding pretty gay. Please keep reading, I know this story isn't the best but it'll get better! Toodle doo!**
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