had you first

Eleanor Calder is an ordinary college student. That is until her best friend tries out for the x factor and becomes famous; Eleanor starts to think that she has true feelings for him. Is it just a little jealousy of the screaming fans or is it true love...


2. what are you hiding?

When i got there, i put my things in my locker and got the according things out for my class. exams in EVERY one of them! yay! dannielle, my other best friend, is in most of my classes today. phew!

i saw her in the class room and sat next to her.

"hey dan!" i said.

"oh hey! i didnt know you were in my class." she said confused but with a warm smile on her face.

"yup. and just about every other one... just look at your time table," so dannielle grabbed her time table out (along with some other books for the class) of her bag and said "we do to!" and then we both squeeled in exitment and laughed.

"girls do u want to be sent to the principals office?" said the teacher, Mrs. Joans.

"no mrs. joans." we both said at the same time, half heartedly.

"well then be quiet!" she ordered and we nodded our heads. "get out your books and turn to page 80. your test questions are on this page and the following 4."


*after school*


the rest of the day was like that. just tests/exams/punnishments what ever you want to call them, the whole day! mine and danielle's locker arent that far apart and when i saw her(i didnt have my last class with her) i walked over to her.

"school sucks!" she said as i aproached her.

"agreed!" i said. we both laughed.

"wanna get ice cream?" she asked me

"hell yeah!" i like screamed. i covered my mouth. we both laughed and collected our things and went to get ice cream.

at the ice cream shop, we orderd and sat down at a table. we plonked our school bags down and got our phones out.

i was tweeting something when out of the corner of my eye i saw louis!

"louis!" i called and he looked over from a group of friends. i waved and he smiled and came over.

"hey el, hey danielle" he said trying to make a joke. "see what i did there. the rhyming thing.. no ok" me and danielle looked at each other and suddenly burst out laughing. because its not the joke that was funny, its the way he said 'see what i did there' and then no one laughs. he does things like that alot.

when the laughing died down he said "sorry i couldnt come in the car with you to work today.."

"oh its ok!"

"i just had to talk to some one about something..'' he mumbled.

i looked at him confused. "dont worry, youll find out.."

me and danielle exchanged a confused look.

"do you watch x factor?" louis asked.

"yeah" i said. "why?" danielle asked.

''oh nothing.. just wondering.." he said looking down. ok there was something wrong with louis, and i needed to find out what...


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