had you first

Eleanor Calder is an ordinary college student. That is until her best friend tries out for the x factor and becomes famous; Eleanor starts to think that she has true feelings for him. Is it just a little jealousy of the screaming fans or is it true love...


5. time gone by..

Eleanor's P.O.V.

when i say home i mean we both went to my house. we sat on the lounge together and watched a bit of t.v. i wasnt really concentrating because i was almost asleep. i was snuggled up in louis warm arms and then everything went blurry and i fell asleep.

Louis' P.O.V.

eleanor had been snuggling up to me for quite some time and i now knew she was asleep because i could hear her lightly snoring. i laughed to myself. it was so cute. i thought about what had happened today; i just got through the x factor auditions and i STILL can't believe it. i thought about the nervousness and all of the feelings i had and i slowly fell asleep..

--next morning--

Eleanor's P.O.V.

i woke up to louis' head rested on mine and him snoring in my ear. i smiled as i remembered everything that had happened yesterday. i got up slowly and cautiously not wanting to wake louis. i made french toast and put it on the table and waited for louis to wake up, which didn't take long. he got up and walked over to me. we pecked each others lips and said morning. we ate our french toast in silence. it wasn't akward though. it was a nice and peacefull silence.

when we were done we got ready and i drove louis to work(he didnt have to go to the x factor today cause he auditioned on the last day of the week that they do the show) and i went to school. i got there early so i could talk to danielle.

when i saw her i literally sprinted to her and crashed into her.

"oh my god!" she exclaimed. "are you ok?!" it was probobly cause i was panting cause i ran from the front of the school all over the school looking for her. i smiled wide.

"did you watch x factor last night?!?" i practically yelled at her.

"oh!" she put a hand over her mouth. "im so sorry! i forgot!" i didnt know what to say or how to tell her.

"well," i smiled. "its a long story so u better sit down" i pointed to the bench beside us. we both sat down and i told her everything. every little detail.when i was done she just stared at me blankly.

"i-i dont know what to say," she stuttered.

''trust me i know, just take it all in" i sat there and waited for her. she didnt move her eyes from her gaze until the bell rang. we walked to class in silence. the rest of the day was good though cause we were talking about... stuff... you know girly things.

--next couple of weeks--

days were the same, dannielle started watching x factor and i would drive louis (who had now moved in with me) to work/x factor, dannielle actually goes with me to his performances and she has a crush on a guy called liam. hes about 16, dannielles age, and he sadly didnt make it the first time, but the second time he sounded absolutely phenominal.

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