had you first

Eleanor Calder is an ordinary college student. That is until her best friend tries out for the x factor and becomes famous; Eleanor starts to think that she has true feelings for him. Is it just a little jealousy of the screaming fans or is it true love...


4. familiar face

when i got home i put my bag down at the door and turned the t.v. on forgetting the rest of the world. i sure hoped he sang 'hey there delilah'..

louis' P.O.V.

i drove to my destination and got busy talking to people and asking questions like where to go. i did feel bad about not telling eleanor, but i knew that she would get on to what im saying one way or another. one person sang before me and i was so nervous. when he walked off stage i walked on. i looked at the huge crowd and got a bit nervous. but i ignored the feeling and simon asked me the usual details; whats my name how old i am e.c.t. "im singing 'hey there delilah' " i said. "when your ready.." simon said sitting back in his chair. i sure hope eleanor was watching me right now, i havent told her, but i actually love her and im to scared that she wont love me back. any way, this ones for you eleanor..

Eleanor's P.O.V.

OMG!!! Louis atually was on x factor. when i saw him walk on stage i choked on my tea! seems impossible but it happened.. he told simon, one of the judges, the usual deets and then said 'ill be singing hey there delilah'. i squeeled and my face brightened up.

he sung the lyrics beautifully. i almost fainted. it brang back beautiful memories and i sang along with him quietly remembering our soft lips connecting. when the song was over i jumped up and clapped and squeeled. then i waited in silence as the judges made their desicions...

3 yes's!!! i screamed! i grabbed my keys and ran out the door, not bothering to get changed!


i drove straight to the x factor studio's and ran past everyone looking for louis. i accidently bumped shoulders with a curly haired boy who sang 'isnt she lovely'.

"sorry!" i appologised.

"oh no its fine!" he said winking.

"hey!" i  heard a familiar voice say. "she's mine"

"louis!" i spun round and sprung my arms around his neck pulling him into a kiss. a pationate kiss that lasted for about 20 seconds. i pulled away smiling widely.

"im so proud of you louis!" i said to him.

"thanks! i still cant believe it either!" he said. i gave him another peck on the cheek and we went home.

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