had you first

Eleanor Calder is an ordinary college student. That is until her best friend tries out for the x factor and becomes famous; Eleanor starts to think that she has true feelings for him. Is it just a little jealousy of the screaming fans or is it true love...


3. confused..

a bit after that danielle got a text and had to leave. after we said good bye i turned straight to louis.

"alright. out with it!" i demand.

"out with what?" he asks

"oh dont give me that! you know perfectly well 'what' "

just then louis phone rang. "sorry el, hold on a minute" he said and walked away answering his phone. i couldn't tell what it was he was saying but all i got was a nod and he hung up his phone. he walked back over to me.

"who was that?" i asked.

"none of your buisness." he said. "but i gotta go, sorry." he said.  he started to walk out. i grabed my things and ran after him. i grabbed his shoulder and he turned around. "what is going on with you?" i asked REALLY confused. "just watch x factor. you'll get a surprise!" then he turned around and got into his car. he rolled the window down and waved. i waved back. he drove off and i walked to my car.

i plonked my stuff on to the passengers seat and took my scarf and beanie off. all the way home i thought about louis and what he was trying to tell me. then it hit me! he was going on x factor! i smiled as i thought about the memories me and louis shared. he was a pretty good singer. the one romantic memory..



me and louis sat by the camp fire. i had forgotten my jacket so he insisted on hugging me tightly and giving me his. there was another friend there playing the guitar softly. i was half asleep but i could hear louis saying something. couldnt quite make out what though. then the guitarist started playing the tune to 'hey there delilah'. i smiled. then louis started singing. it was so nice. he had the sweetest voice. i looked up at him and he smiled. i love his smile. still do. then our heads slowly moved closer and he started to sing the part 'ooohh its what you do to me' over again and then our lips touched. we kissed romantically to the soft tune of the song.

that is basically the only romantic time we had. i sort of regret it but i dont. because we have gotten over it and for got it but i think i have still some feelings for him. i dont want to tell him because he might not feel the same way and it could ruin our friend ship..


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