had you first

Eleanor Calder is an ordinary college student. That is until her best friend tries out for the x factor and becomes famous; Eleanor starts to think that she has true feelings for him. Is it just a little jealousy of the screaming fans or is it true love...


1. getting ready

Eleanor's P.O.V.

"BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" The alarm on my phone rang right next to my face.

"shut up!" i yelled maneuvering my hand around my bedside table trying to find my phone. When i felt it i picked it up and slid my finger across the bottom of the screen. What 17 yr old girl wants to be woken up on a Monday morning at 7:00am!?! i groaned knowing i had to get up and get ready for school. I need to have a positiive attitude because it's my last year of school! last term to be exact. im really exited. even though it doesnt really sound like it right now..

any way, i picked my self up and walked out to the kitchen. i made my self some toast and a cup of tea. after that i walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. walking back into my room i got an out fit to wear. i chose some dark skinny jeans,a navy blue tank top, denim jacket to wear on top and a pear of black ankle boots. i laid them out on the bed and went to have a shower.

letting the cool water of the shower hit my body i washed myself and my hair. it felt nice and relaxing. it woke me up in the mornings. my sleepy eyes soon became wet and wide awake. i finnished in the shower and put a towel around my body and my hair.

i went into my room and dried myself. when i was done i got changed into my out fit and did my hair and make up. my hair is naturally brown and wavy so i left it out and walked back to my room. i picked up my books and everything i need for school and placed them in my bag. i walked to the front door and looked at the rack that was beside it. i always put my scarves and beanies on it. "hmmm" i put a finger to my chin and thought about which one would match my outfit most. i chose a black beanie and black scarf. i wasnt really in the mood for a fashion parade. i walked out the door and got in my car. i drove to my best friend louis' house to see if he wanted a ride to work. louis is 18. he finnished school last year and i absolotely hate him for it. nah. not really. im  just jealous cause he doesnt have to do last minute exams and all that stuff. oddly enough he said no. so i drove to school, lonely, by my self... :/

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