Feet in the sand

Pamela is all new to a new school but she's already driving every clique crazy. She refuses to dress a particular way, sometimes she wear short thing, sometimes she wears all black and mascara.
A certain group of people are getting jealous of her and how she can walk all over the school.
For once in a story, those strict teachers are the ones doing the bullying.
But as far as she's concerned
It doesn't faze her one bit.


1. Its all bruises and sunshine

Turn left
Straight ahead

"Oh here we are, administrative office," A currently blue haired smurf named Pamela opened the administration door to the office with a smug look her face, wondering the first impression she would leave on them teachers.

This morning, she had wasted first and second period, dying her long hair blue along with a blue that read. "I'm smurfy and I can show it," Bright and Radiant blue jeans that would make anyone queasy just at the site of it and white six inches pumps that made the 5'3 look taller.
During all her queer training from her super weird mum, she has learned that black and white go with everything.


Throw a little white in vomit or black and it won't make a difference just make it look more...concentrated.

"Miss, hair dying is banned from this school and so are heels," The principal stepped in front of her.
She looked left and right wondering where the woman came from.

"You look like a prostitute, I am not having any prostitutes, in my Academy," Pam looked her up and down raising a very un convinced brow.

"And your one to talk," She muttered. The woman face immediately became as red as her mama's huge butt - loud of wet pancakes.

But the truth did hurt,
"YOU, look like a prostitute, and a cheap one at that," Your jacket is too tight and your shirt is too low and I can actually see cancas down there. That skirt is too short and tight and it doesn't allow your curves to show when you walk and the blue shoes are cool but you should totally sass it up with some blue hoops and a Cleo-de-patra necklace," She said not even realizing what she was doing to her Principal, neither that nor the fact that every single female teacher in the office were listening to her.

"If you want some advice on how to dress cool and professional, I'de suggest you leave your hair down. It glitters in the sun and um use olive oil for it to keep it place even when the sun blows, QUIT USING TANNERS AND SKIN COSMETICS, they'll ruin your skin even more. Throw in a casual t-shirt with a few inscriptions on it. A long beaded necklace or a scarf will do just fine to add the professional look. And then a black jacket if the top inside is white, yellow, orange, cream, or lemon, or black. if the top inside is black wear a green, blue, violet, indigo or better still white Jacket. Never wear white white or black, black.
If you wear white white it just makes you look too professional and like someone threw up on you. Wear black black and you'll look like you went to a funeral.
Don't wear white and yellow or any light color either but black and dark colors go but extremely rarely. Add some jeans or a long shirt with tights underneathe or just normal black pants. Add it up with some brown or black boots for the trousers and heels which are not to high, preferably flats for pants and trousers, it wouldn't hurt to once in a while add some accessories. Put it some geek glasses, try to look hip by bringing in some old school fuzzy leg warmers or maybe go-go boots if you can pull it off. Or sometimes you dress like your favourite tv characters,"
She finished with a spin and some teachers clapped, some stared, some had written everything down and some just looked jealous and furious. Sometime doing her long talk, she has managed to grab her schedule and locker info,
The bell rang for lunch making her realize she had been talking for the past 20 minutes.

The principal was about to say something but Pam was already out the door.
"Bye Principal Prostitute," She smiled insulting the woman after advising her.
She jogged out of the hallway towards her locker seeing some Emo Dish wires leaning against it.

"Hello?" She tried being friendly enough.

"Piss off," One dude said barely noticing her first.

"I'll have to drink water first and I can't get my water bottle cause it's in the locker, your currently leaning on,"

She said in the nicest way possible.

"Look, not everybody has the patience to listen to you all day. What's your problem," The guy made the mistake of turning and right and that moment her hand decorated his face giving it a nice fist mark.

"Nothing much. Its all bruises and sunshine," She smiled innocently opening he locker, she stuffed the white bag in and walked off.

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