Cassandra's Wonderland

Cassandra was once again in her wonderland dreaming about the 3 most yummiest guys in the world Liam Payne,Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. Her average day turned into a fan girling day of excitement of meeting these 5 beautiful boys called One direction.She ends up being one of the boys tour guide and gets put in a room with him and her friends and... Read it to find out!!!!

IMPORTANT: yes i might say LouiE instead of LouiS its one of his nicknames in the story (as well as in real life)


2. Exchange Students!!!

Leia's POV

Cassie looked pretty bummed, probably about school, "Hey Cassie, we have a Assembly at 9:00 am because of some news exchange students, maybe they're pretty cute, i heard that their boys too," i said to Cassie, "great and they'll learn my nickname to and tease me," Cassie said, " Hey you never know Cassie," Sam said from behind, "Huh? what are you girls on about?" of course my brother wasn't listening. "Never mind," i said to him, we got to school 15 minutes later i parked and everyone got out (by then i dropped my brother off at his high school) "thanks," Sam and Cassie said together, "No prob," i said back. We ran to the Assembly hall of the over end of school, "ready?" i said, "yeah," Sam said, "i guess," Cassie said, we waked into the hall and sat down. it started, it was boring for the first 10 minutes, "Leia! stay awake!," Sam yelled in my face, "Huh? oh right," i said.

Cassie's POV

They were calling out a couple of random names and people started to come out, then they said these were the last five they said the first name of the five i froze... Liam Payne.No way, then Liam came out, "No way, is that Liam Payne?" Sam said beside me, with Leia on the other side surprised.They continued... Niall Horan! He walked out to...Louis Tomlinson! Louis wandered out... Harry Styles! By then i knew One direction were our exchange students, well as well as others of course!!! I couldn't believe it!!! Everyone went back to their new rooms "Cassandra Jordan, Samantha Swift, Leia Sydney, Jessica Wave and Fiona Quinn  can you please come here," our principal said. So we all wandered up to the area, "Okay girls these boys need your help around school, you all have the same class with one of them, okay Cassandra your helping Louis, Samantha your helping Liam, Leia your with Niall, Fiona your with Zayn and Jessica your with Harry," our principal said, i couldn't believe it!! I wandered up to Louis, we i was told that i was being put in a room with Cassandra, are you Cassandra?" Louis asked me, "Yeah that's me," i replied, "oh and girls you have the same rooms and roommates as last year," our principal said. So Louis and I ran to our room, with Sam and Leia, "YEAH I'M WITH LOUIS AND LIAM!!!!!!!!!" Niall yelled across the room, "shh!!" we all said at the same time. 



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