Cassandra's Wonderland

Cassandra was once again in her wonderland dreaming about the 3 most yummiest guys in the world Liam Payne,Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. Her average day turned into a fan girling day of excitement of meeting these 5 beautiful boys called One direction.She ends up being one of the boys tour guide and gets put in a room with him and her friends and... Read it to find out!!!!

IMPORTANT: yes i might say LouiE instead of LouiS its one of his nicknames in the story (as well as in real life)


1. Lost

Cassie's POV

*In Cassie's wonderland*

I feel so lost in this boys eyes,his beautiful, magical,gorgeous eyes i easily get lost in this boys gorgeous chocolate eyes.Sigh to bad i only ever get to see them in my wonderland and photos, oh how when he looks back at me with those gorgeous chocolate eyes i could almost eat him all up, i'm very sure he would be yummy (not that i am going to eat him).A hand was hugging my waist then i felt a boy's head, i was being constantly kissed and nudged on my neck i turned my head to see these two gorgeous blue eyes staring right back at me,his eyes were like a ocean,beautiful but unpredictable, i could just imagine this boys eyes just light up on the smell of nandos.He wandered off with the beautiful chocolate colored eyes boy,they looked adorable together, then i was interrupted by a boy shoving a carrot into my mouth, he also had gorgeous blue eyes but they were more ice blue they were beautiful just beautiful.if only i could kiss this boys lips as gorgeous as they are, hmmm and those blue eyes that other boy has everytime i loose track of what i was trying to say and i always get lost in those beautiful gorgeous chocolate eyes.

*Out of Cassie's wonderland*

I was woken by my puppy Sam pawing at my face and licking my nose, Sam run out of my room, "Yeah i love you to Sam," i said to him sarcastically, great cassie you did it again, no wonder everyone thinks i'm weird,my stupid nickname Sleeping RedHead (i get called that because obviously i have orange hair but to be technical its rusty orange and i day dream in class) i don't have many friends since Ally,Sydney and Zoeh went to a different Collage,now i  just only have Sam (sam my puppy was named after her) and Leia.Great time to go to Collage, i quickly got ready for the year, hoping that something amazing would happen which was highly dislikely. I was ready in 20 minutes "Bye mum" i said while kissing her goodbye, i have a brother but he had football practice at 7:45 and my dad works early in the morning and on his way home he picks my brother up. I ran up to Leia"s car and sat in the backseat with Sam because Leia's brother was there. Here we go! 


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