secrets, lies , and pregnancy test

the girl who says nothing
the boy who says everything
the best friend
and the lying games


2. him is zayn

   bri p.o.v

   Tori walked in at 10 o'clock on the dot, 

" were have you been i unpacked half the house!!" 

tori looked around and quickly answered 

" i had a umm... appointment at umm the umm doctors... yea that," 

"at 10 o'clock" i quizzed 

"yes! why do you care" tori said storming off

i knew something was up something she didn't want to tell me something big, i tried to think of what it could be but i had no luck. 


  that night i did laundry. some people would say i have  ocd or something but i just like to have clean clothes and i don't think   that checking every pocket is that bad of ocd or anything. when i checked tori pants i note feel out it read - "him" 876-324-6754- i stuffed it back in the pant pocket after remembering each number. i snuck off to the phone dailing each number carefully... it went straight to voice mail saying - yo sup its zayn and the gang cant get to the phone right now but swag yo later- i giggled and hung up it was so clear now "him' is zayn and zayn is a date of tori's. But why keep this from me? 








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