secrets, lies , and pregnancy test

the girl who says nothing
the boy who says everything
the best friend
and the lying games


1. "him"

   tori p.o.v.

            In school i'm this Innocent  girl, out of school i'm some sort of devil or bad girl. Or at least that's what my 2 best friends say. Kelly and Bri, there like my life they know everything... my strengths my weaknesses. The strange way i twirl my hair when i'm totally turned on. It's like they read a book on me from beaning to now.  

                                 * a week later *


           Bri looked thrilled as i handed her the keys to my new apartment on south cherry ave, right were we would be staying for collage were we can finally start are life as grown woman. Kelly moved in two doors down so it was really a dream come true. 

  " coffee?"  i questioned Bri 

  " no, i'm good i think ill get unpacked"

without another word i headed off... 



                I was walking down the street when i bumped into a tall handsome man ... 

 " i'm sorry love i didn't realize  angels were walking the streets of britain today ." 

 i smiled way to flattered to say a word i just twirld my hair. 

 " love i must buy you a cup of coffee"

 " yes and i must get you're number love" 

 we walked for what seemed hours in silence until my phone rang 

 " hello" i answered 

 " were are you" it was bri

"ill be home at 10  ish okay " i hung up

 " its 9:30 love let me write my name and number down and give you a ride home and we can get a raincheck on that coffee?" the way he spoke was soft but not to soft just right

 "yea i would like that i said he kissed my cheak and gave me 25 bucks for a cab and a piece of paper with only a phone number on it no name so i wrote with a black pen "him" stuffed it in my pocket and swore i wouldn't tell kelly or bri. 

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