Stacy was never the popular girl. She was always too shy around boys and other people. Brianna, her one and only friend, talks her into going to the senior school prom. The theme is none other than Masquerade Ball. The entertainment? One Direction. Read to find out Stacy's fairytale, drama, and happily ever after. This can be you ;)


2. Two.

           Liam's POV: We had to go to this stupid senior prom for London High School.. I remembered that I didn't get to go to mine, so I pulled myself together. The lads were really excited to attend, so who am I to bring them down. We got dressed in suits and, of course, our masks. I put on my tie, sipped on my shoes, and made my way out of the room with the guys.. Tonight is going to be a long night.

           Stacy's POV:  Brianna and I id our hair and make up. My hair was in mermaid curls, spiraling off my shoulders. Brianna decided to do a half up- half down version of my hair on herself. I had to admit... We looked hot... We walked out the door, and got in her car. Night of adventure, her I come. :)

             When we got to the dance, NO ONE knew who we are. I had gotten asked out, flirted with, and complimented over and over again. Of course, I did not say yes to any of the offers or flirted back. I would usually just laugh and keep walking. We made it to the dance floor, and started dancing like crazy. Them the lights dimmed, and a spot light hit the stage. Principal Whenstin approached the microphone. "Boys and girls, I give you.... ONE DIRECTION!" And the music for Live While Your Young started to play. A bunch of girls ran up to the foot of the stage and started screaming. Brianna and I just made our way to the back, and laughed at them. These girls are crazy! They were shouting on the top of their lungs," HARRY! GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR GRAVY!" or ," LOUIS! I'LL BE YOUR CARROT PRINCESS!" Soon enough, Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry, and Zayn were singing their solos. For a moment, I didn't look up, but I felt a pair of eyes on me. I looked up, and looked into his chocolate brown eyes. He was staring... at... Me? No way... Well, I am wearing his favorite color, maybe he just likes my dress? I don't know.. But this cannot be for real!

               Liam's POV: Oh My Gosh. What a beautiful girl.. Probably the most gorgeous I have ever seen. She looked up at me, and looked toward the ground.. Was she shy? I basically was singing to her the whole song. Then it was time for us to get off stage. The boys and I put on our masks, and ventured out into the crowd. There she was. I tapped her shoulder and she gracefully turned around. Her bright green eyes looking into mine. "Would you like to dance?" I said, holding out my hand. "Why, I would be delighted." She said, taking a hold of my hand. How cute. I lead her to the dance floor, and "I'll Be" began to play. I pulled her close to me, and she laid her head softly on my shoulder. We stayed like that, only rocking back in forth for the rest of the night. *Bzz, Bzz* I phone vibrated. 

            Harry: We have to go. Paul is waiting for us outside.

            Liam: Do we seriously have to leave? Now?

            Harry: I feel ya, but we really do have to go. We have to get a hotel still. Busy day tomorrow.

            Liam: Alright... Out in a little...

                  I looked down at the beautiful girl in my arms, smiled and said," I'm sorry, but I have to go.. Would you mind giving my your number?" " Sure." She smiled, and gave me her number as I punched it into my phone. "Alright. I'll text you sometime." I said, with a wink. I lean't down, and kissed her. She kissed back. I lost myself in the passion exchanged until she pulled back. I smiled, and walked out the back o where the other boys were, smiling like an idiot. Niall could almost read my mind, and he said, smiling in a teasing manner," So what's her name?" "I- I don't know.." I said... Wow, I meet this girl, and I completely forget to get her name... Well, nice, Liam, nice...

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