Stacy was never the popular girl. She was always too shy around boys and other people. Brianna, her one and only friend, talks her into going to the senior school prom. The theme is none other than Masquerade Ball. The entertainment? One Direction. Read to find out Stacy's fairytale, drama, and happily ever after. This can be you ;)


1. One.

      Stacy's POV:  The name is Stacy. Yeah, not the most unique name, but it is what it is. I am basically the weird girl in the school, or some people may say, "The Laughing Stock". I am not popular, in fact, I am the opposite. I am average height, with dark brown hair that if not in the sunlight could easily be mistaken as black, and I have bright green eyes. My best friend, Brianna, basically got me through high school. The tall blonde hair blue eyed girl should be a model. She is really pretty. I don't know why she hangs out with me.. She is really brave and daring. She would accept any challenge, no matter the consequences. That's how she would look at high school, like it was a game she was really good at. Honestly, I feel like I am keeping her from being a social queen! But she and I have a lot in common, that's how we are best friends. "The London High School Senior Prom is this Saturday at 6 o'clock PM. Mask and formal wear is needed to attend. We will have a famous guest to be our entertainment. Please get your tickets while they last." The principal's voice boomed over the intercom. I wonder who the famous guest is.. Brianna turned to me with a huge grin," We HAVE to go! I heard the guest was One Direction! We can go dress shopping this afternoo-" "NO! I will only look stupid! I will only get teased for showing up.." "That's the best part, " she said," it's a masquerade! No one will know who you are! You can be whoever you want to be! Please!?!? Can we go!?!?" She finished with pleading eyes. She was right! I'm not going to let these stupid bullies keep me from my high school dance, and they won't even know I was there.. It was perfect. "Alright, we can go.. Dress shopping right after school." I said, and we took off to our classes.


                                                       ~END OF SCHOOL~

        Stacy's POV: I made my way out of the school's main hallway, and I found Brianna at the end. We linked arms, and we walked to the dress store, talking about what color dress we were going to wear, and how we were going to do our hair and make up. We were quite enthusiastic about the whole night. We finally arrived at the dress store, and started looking though the racks. I found a cute deep purple and black laced, floor length, strapless dress, and I paired it with a deep purple black laced mask. Brianna had gotten an orange dress that was also black laced, floor length and strapless. I'm telling you, this chick is daring. We bought our items, and headed home. Saturday was going to be the best night of my life... I can feel it.. No one will know I was me, and I can just be myself! This was going to be fun :)

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