Best friend's best friend

After Kat meets her best friend's best friend,Austin,she instantly falls head over heels for him.Her cousin moves back from London and stays with her.But there are problems along the way.Kat soon
finds out Austin is dating one of the mean girls of Clearwater High School.Kat finds out everything about the crew and all their little secrets.But as she grows closer to Austin and his friends,Austin's love life falls apart.Not because of him,but because of Kat.Will Kats feeling for Austin grow,and will her friendship with the crew fall apart.Read the story and find out ;)


6. Trouble With The Mean Girls

Elysia and her two friends walked up to our table.I frantically looked around for Austin,but he was no where to be found. "Sarah,get the fuck out of our way you little slut," Savannah told Sarah,but Sarah didn't move an inch."Don't call her a slut you tramp," Robert yelled at Savannah walking over to me and Sarah. "Whatever you say manwhore!" Elysiana said to Robert trying to stick up for Savannah."Kat,what I was going to tell you in science class was to stop talking to Austin or I will make you cry even more than you did in class.Oh and stop flirting with him,he doesn't like you." Elysia said pushing Sarah and Roberto out of her way.I stood up and looked her straight in the eye."I would rather be in the friendzone with with someone who at least cares about me then be in a relationship with someone who does'nt give a shit about me." And with that,I picked up my bag and walked out of the lunch room like a boss.

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