Best friend's best friend

After Kat meets her best friend's best friend,Austin,she instantly falls head over heels for him.Her cousin moves back from London and stays with her.But there are problems along the way.Kat soon
finds out Austin is dating one of the mean girls of Clearwater High School.Kat finds out everything about the crew and all their little secrets.But as she grows closer to Austin and his friends,Austin's love life falls apart.Not because of him,but because of Kat.Will Kats feeling for Austin grow,and will her friendship with the crew fall apart.Read the story and find out ;)


8. Elysia Hates Austin

"Austin Carter Mahone!Why are you laughing?" Elysia asked Austin after I threw the cup of paint at her and her little group of sluts."Probably because it was funny," Austin said inbetween laughs.Elysi gave us a grunt and walked away.I turned to Austin with a frown."I'm sorry I threw at your girlfriend.It was an accident.I'm so so sooo sorry."I told Austin with almost tears in my eyes.You see,I'm that kind of person who doesn't like when others get hurt."It's okay Kat,dont cry.A little part of me feels thinks she deserves it."Austin told me with a smile.We countinued the glue fight till the end of class.Yep,I love Austin Mahone <3

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