Best friend's best friend

After Kat meets her best friend's best friend,Austin,she instantly falls head over heels for him.Her cousin moves back from London and stays with her.But there are problems along the way.Kat soon
finds out Austin is dating one of the mean girls of Clearwater High School.Kat finds out everything about the crew and all their little secrets.But as she grows closer to Austin and his friends,Austin's love life falls apart.Not because of him,but because of Kat.Will Kats feeling for Austin grow,and will her friendship with the crew fall apart.Read the story and find out ;)


9. Broken Phones

When the bell rang,we immediatly ran to our lockers.My locker wasn't near Alex,Sarah,or Austin's locker.I emptied my bag out since it was full of my school stuff.Since we hadno homework,I didn't have to take anything home.Yee!It was Thursday,and we never have school Fridays for some weird reason.I closed my locker after I got my coat out of my locker.I was walking down the hallway texting Lexi on my phone when all of a sudden,I smashed head first into someone.I landed flat on my back.Trust me,it hurt.A lot.It was a girl because she was wearing high heels.She helped me up and I picked up my phone."Oh my god!!I'm so sorry!!!"I guess she noticed my screen got cracked and that I fell."It's okay,my fault.I was texting and not paying attention," I said to her examining my broken screen."Kat!Are you okay?!" I heared a deep voice yell out to me.I turned around and saw Austin runnin in my direction."Yeah,I'm fine A-Mezzy," I told him making him realieved."Look,I have to go,but I will pay for a new screen for you," the girl said taking out her wallet. "No its okay.Keep the money.By the way,what's your name?" I asked her putting my phone away."Shay.What's your name?""Kat,and this is Austin.""Hey" Austin said giving her a little smile.'Ohmy fucking lord!I love his smile!' I thought to myself."Cool.Nice to meet you guys.Okay I got to go.See you around.Bye.""Bye"

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