Best friend's best friend

After Kat meets her best friend's best friend,Austin,she instantly falls head over heels for him.Her cousin moves back from London and stays with her.But there are problems along the way.Kat soon
finds out Austin is dating one of the mean girls of Clearwater High School.Kat finds out everything about the crew and all their little secrets.But as she grows closer to Austin and his friends,Austin's love life falls apart.Not because of him,but because of Kat.Will Kats feeling for Austin grow,and will her friendship with the crew fall apart.Read the story and find out ;)


1. Where it all started

                                                             Chapter 1


"Kat!!Come here!!" Alex yelled as he waved me over to him and Sarah.Alex has been my friend since about 7th grade.We met because he liked Sarah.He was like my brother.We protected each other and we loved each other like family. I finished putting my things in my bag,closed my locker,and walked over to Alex and Sarah. They were talking to this really cute boy with shaggy hair and braces.He flashed me this adorable smile and I basically melted."Kat,meet Austin.Austin,this is my friend Kat,"Alex said intruducing him to me.I stuck my hand out for him to shake it,but instead he pulled me into a big hug.He smelt so good.After a few seconds,he let go and looked at Alex.I didn't want him to let go though.He was so hot!! "Oh.It's nice to meet you Kat!Hahaha.Sorry for just randomly hugging you.I feel bad.If theres anyhting I can do to make it up to you,just tell me" Omg I just died even more."Haha It's ok," I said biting my lip.'OH MY GOD!HES SUCK A CUTIE!!HE LOOKS EVEN HOTTER THAN JUSTIN BIEBER!!AHH!!' I thought to myself as I shuffled my feet. "So Alex.How did you meet a beautiful girl like this?"Austin asked flashing me a smile. 'OMG HE JUST CALL ME BEAUTIFUL!!AHHHH!!I AM DEAD!!' "We met in 7th grade when I liked Sarah and she kinda hooked us up," Alex said to Austin taking Sarah's hand. "Well maybe you can return the favor and hook us up," He said giving me a wink. I just stood there looking into his hazel eyes.That is,until me phone started ringing.It was my cousin Lexi. "I'm so sorry guys!I have to take this!!" I said looking down at my phone. "No problem babe," Austin said giving me another heart melting smile.Is this boy trying to kill me? I walked away and look the call "Hey Lex!What's up?" I asked putting my phone up to my ear "Hey Kat!I have big news!!" Lexi said seeming very happy.   "What is it??" "I'm moving back to Texas!!" "YEE!!!WHEN ARE YOU COMING!!??" "In a few days!!We have our stuff packed now!!" "Yay!Okay I got to go!Oh and when you come,I want to show you this like VERY hot boy I met.But he's mine!!" "Hahaha Okay Kat.Love you.Talk to you later.Bye""Bye.Love you too."I clicked the end button and stuffed the phone back in my back pocket. I walked back over to Austin and the gang,but when I got over there,there was a girl next to Austin.She has brown,long hair and green eyes."Hey!Back!" I said trying to make Austin notice me   "Oh hey Kat!Who were you talking to??" Alex said still holding Sarah's hand . "My cousin Lexi.And who is Austin holding hands with?" I asked Alex with a confused look on my face.

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