Broken Promises (Sequel To Two Boys In A Toy Store)

With Becca and Liam broken up and the boys going on tour, can the love hate relationship go back to just love or will it stay at hate? Will Danielle try and ruin their lives again or is she done? Read and find out!


5. Chapter 5-Love Actually

Beccas POV
I was annoyed. I had to spend Christmas and New Years all alone with Niall, (which isn't bad) and the jerk of all jerks, Liam! Could my life be any worse? Well I still do love Liam, but he doesn't feel that way so therefore hes a jerk! I was sitting on my bed and found a picture frame with a picture of me and from the day we met at Disney World. I picked it up as a tear slid down my face. I suddenly got a rush of anger and threw it against the wall, making the glass from the frame shatter. I picked up the broken image and cried. Why did I throw this? I began to pick up the broken pieces of glass and noticed my old guitar sitting in the corner. I picked it up and sat on my bed. To make sure I remembered how to play, since I haven't played in about a year or so, i played a few chords. Still got it. A song  popped in my head which reminded me of mine and Liams relationship. I began to play... (A/N i just thought this song really went with liam and beccas relationship! listen to the words carefully! copy and past the link!)

When I stopped playing I realized that there were shadows under my door showing that there were feet at my door meaning someone knows I was singing. I walked to the door and opened it fast and saw a very surprised Liam standing in the door frame. I rolled my eyes and began to shut the door but he stopped it with his foot.
"How long have you been standing here?" I asked him sort of annoyed.

"Well I heard the sound of something shattering so I-uh came to see if you were alright." He explained

"Well I'm fine." I blurted.

"Becca, Can I ask you a question?" Liam asked me.

I sighed, "Fine, go ahead." I went and sat on my bed and he stood in front of me.

"That song you were singing, is that really how you feel?"

I looked down,"Um, yeah... Liam I still do love you," My eyes started to water. "And don't say you love me too because I know you don't. I heard you and Lily talking the other day."

Liam looked guilty. "I kind of, um lied about that... I only said that because I thought you hated me. The truth is, Becca I never wanted you to leave. Would you ever take me back?"

I sighed. "The thing is Liam, I don't know. By the way we have been acting around eachother lately, I don't think we are ready to get back together." I bit the inside of my cheek, worried about what his response would be.

"So your saying, you want to start over and just be friends for now?" Liam asked. All I did was nod my head. He smiled and put put his hand. "Hello, I'm Liam."

I shook his hand and smiled, "I'm Becca."

Nialls POV
"Are you sure it was a good idea to send Liam in there, all alone with Becca?" I asked everyone as we sat on the couch watching a movie i forgot the name of.

"Niall, for the millionth time, its not like he is going to kill her," Louis explained. "Besides they need to talk about all of this."

To be honest, I really didn't want Becca and Liam to get back together. She deserves so much better. Liam is a great guy and all, but he has made a lot of mistakes lately. Becca, i smiled to myself as I thought of her. "I think I like her," I thought out loud and my eyes widened.

"N-Niall, what did you just say?" Lily asked me looking astonished. Everyone was staring at me with their jaws dropped.

"What? I said nothing." I was in denial.

Harry spoke up, "Who do you like Niall?"

"Fine," I huffed. " I think I'm starting to like...Becca"

"No! You can't!" Lily screamed. "She still loves Liam!"

"You don't think I know that? She tells me everything. I know I will never have a chance with her."

"With who?" I heard her voice, standing right behind me. Everyone looked at me wondering what I was going to say.

I suddenly forgot how to speak. "Uh-um so like, yeah um I don't know..." God I sound like an idiot!

"Well then," Becca looked confused. "I just thought you guys should know, me and Liam and just friends for now." Well atleast they aren't together right? I have to find a way to tell her without making the situation awkward...

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