Broken Promises (Sequel To Two Boys In A Toy Store)

With Becca and Liam broken up and the boys going on tour, can the love hate relationship go back to just love or will it stay at hate? Will Danielle try and ruin their lives again or is she done? Read and find out!


4. Chapter 4-Starbucks Date

Lily's POV

Me and Zayn walked into Starbucks holding hands. We ordered our drinks and sat down at a table near the back.

" So... how was touring?" I asked.

Zayn's face lit up. " It was so much fun Lily! Next tour we have I'm bringing you with me because I missed you to much!"

I laughed. " What do you mean? We Skyped nearly every day and were texting and calling all day long!"

" Yeah, but it wasn't the same. I couldn't do this over Skype." He said and leaned over to kiss me. I kissed back, missing the feeling of his lips on mine. 

They called our names for the drinks. Zayn went to get them and came back and handed me mine.

" Hey, Lily," Zayn said kind of nervously, " Christmas is coming up soon, and since I didn't get to spend your birthday with you.... I was wondering if you'd, maybe, like to come back to Bradford with me, meet my family, and spend the holidays together?" He said hopefully.

I smiled and hugged him. " Of course I will! That would be amazing, babe! I love you!"

Zayn hugged me back and let out a sigh of relief. " Thank goodness, because my mum has been begging me to bring you home. And, I don't think I could stand being away from you any more than I have to."

" Aww, Zayn! You're cute." I cooed, still hugging him.

He pulled away and looked at me frowning. " Wait, what about your parents? Won't they want to see you on Christmas?"

I looked down. " No. I don't talk to my family anymore. I haven't talked to them since me and Becca moved to the States."

" Oh...why not?"

I sighed. " My parents were never very good parents. I lived with my aunt most of my life. My dad was in and out of jail, and my mum was a classic drunk. I only had one other sibling, an older brother. He died when I was little, so I don't remember him very well. But my parents did. They said it was my fault he died. And when I told them I was moving, all my parents said to me was ' don't get pregnant.'"

Zayn hugged me again. " Aww, babe. You didn't have to tell me that if you didn't want to."

I pulled back enough so that I could look at him. " Of course I did. You've been my boyfriend for over a year and you were going to find out sooner or later."

Zayn kissed me sweetly and stood up. " C'mon babe, we should probably go check on Becca."

I stood up and we left, walking back holding hands. I was swinging our arms between us.

" I missed this." I said, smiling at him.

He smiled back. " Yeah, me too. I thought I was going through Lily withdrawal there towards the end of the tour."

I laughed. " So, when are we going to Bradford, my Bradford Bad Boi?"

" Oh god, don't call me that! And I booked our flight for saturday at 8:00 AM."

" Today's thursday! Jeez, I need to start packing!" I said as we walked through my front door.

Becca's POV

"Packing for where?" I asked. I was sitting on the couch watching Spongebob.

" Zayn asked me to go to Bradford with him for Christmas and New Year's!" Lily squealed happily.

I smiled and got up to hug her. " That's great, Lily! When are you leaving?"

" Saturday, can you believe it? I'm so excited!"

I frowned slightly. " What? Is something wrong, Becca?" Lily asked worriedly, searching my face.

" No, of course not! Now, go pack!" I said. She smiled gratefully and went to her room with Zayn.

I sat back down on the couch and frowned. Honestly, I wasn't very excited with Lily going to England. Lily was the only family I had left! And it meant I would have to be alone with the other boys and Liam for two weeks without Lily.  Not good news. My phone rang. It was Louis.

" Hey, Lou." I said.

" Hi, Becca! Me and the boys are coming over! Are Lily and Zayn there?" Louis asked.

" Yeah, their here. Why?" I asked confused.

" Just wondering. We'll be there in a few!" He said and hung up.

Liam's POV

The guys had finally managed to convince me to go back to the girl's flat with them. I sat slumped in the back of Louis' car, staring out the window. The news I had just gotten from Harry, Louis, and Niall was less than exciting.

We finally got to the flat and Louis let himself in. " Well, hello, dear Becca! Where might the other two be?"

" They're in Lily's room." She answered, never looking at me once.

Louis went and got Zayn and Lily and we all sat in the living room in a circle.

" Is there anything you wanted to tell us, boys?" Lily said, not knowing what was going on.

" No, not really. Just wanted to catch up, and maybe possibly ask what your holiday plans are, but mostly to catch up." Louis said fastly. Then he continued. " So, I heard Zayn and Lily have a few things they haven't shared with the rest of the group."

Lily and Zayn both looked at Louis and glared. He held his hands up in defense. " Hey you guys did it, not me!"

Harry and Niall were both confused. Becca and I both knew what was going on between the other three. After all, we are their best friends.

" Louis, if you say it, I swear to god-" Zayn started. Louis cut him off.

" ZAYN AND LILY ARE NO LONGER VIRGINS TO EACH OTHER!!!!" Louis yelled. Niall's eyes widened and his eyebrows went up.

Lily's face turned the exact shade of a tomato. She looked at Niall and Harry. " Well, since Louis felt the need to scream that, yeah, it's true."

" I knew it." Harry said, smirking at Zayn.

Niall clicked his tongue at Louis. " Louis, that's rude. That is very personal business that isn't yours to share." Then he looked at Zayn. " But way to go Zayn!"

If it was even possible, Lily's face got even redder and she buried it in Zayn's shoulder.

I spoke up. " Well, now that THAT'S out of the way, I hear Harry and Louis also have something they haven't shared with us." I said bitterly.

Becca's POV

I looked at Liam kind of confused. He avoided my gaze.

Harry cleared his throat. " Uh, yeah..... You all know how Christmas is coming up, right? Well, umm..... Louis you wanna tell them?"

" Me and Harry are flying back to England for Christmas and New Year's." Louis said, looking down.

Liam crossed his arms, and I stared wide-eyed at Louis and Harry. " What? But Lily and Zayn are leaving too! When are you guys leaving?" I asked frantically. I didn't want to spend Christmas alone with just Liam and Niall.

" They're leaving on Sunday, the day after Zayn and Lily leave for Bradford." Liam said crossly.

" How did you know about that?" Lily asked. " We didn't tell you?"

Liam scoffed. " Oh please, Lily. Zayn couldn't keep a secret from me if he tried."

Zayn smiled at Lily sheepishly.

" So that's it then? You're all leaving me alone with LIAM for two weeks?" I asked angrily.

" And me!" Niall said.

" Yeah...sorry, Becca. Will you be okay with that?" Harry asked concerned.

I composed myelf and sat up straighter. " Of course. I'm fine boys. Don't worry about me when you leave, I'm sure it will be fun! If you'll excuse me, I need to go to my room." I said. I stood up and practically ran to my room.

My thoughts swirled around me. Alone for two weeks with Niall and Liam?

Guess I'll be spending a lot more time with Niall.

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