Broken Promises (Sequel To Two Boys In A Toy Store)

With Becca and Liam broken up and the boys going on tour, can the love hate relationship go back to just love or will it stay at hate? Will Danielle try and ruin their lives again or is she done? Read and find out!


3. Chapter 3-The Eyes Speak The Truth

Becca's POV

" Harry what are you doing here?" I hissed at him, annoyed. No one was supposed to find me!

" What do you mean? We saw that you left and everyone came to look for you." He said like it was obvious.

" Did Liam come look for me at all?" My voice was small but hopeful.

Harry looked at me apologetically then changed the subject. " Come on, let's take a walk."

" HARRY WAIT! COME BACK! I WANT YOUR GRAVYY!!!!" A... dedicated... directioner yelled. We started walking faster.

We lost the girls and continued walking, and soon we found ourselves in a little secluded park. Harry sat down on a bench and I sat next to him.

" Liam still really loves you, Becca." Harry said after a moment of silence.

I scoffed. " That's not what Liam said to Lily earlier. He said he didn't care about me." I said trying not to tear up.

Now it was Harry's turn to scoff. " Whatever, Becca! He was only saying that because he didn't want to seem girly. Liam didn't come out of his bed on tour at all unless we were performing. Don't look at me like that, Becca. Ask any of the boys."

" Really?"

" Yes, really."

" But that doesn't mean we're getting back together." I stated.

Harry sighed. " You two will realize your feelings for each other are just as strong as before. Trust me." He sighed again. " C'mon, I'll text Lily and tell them to meet us back at your apartment." He put his arm around my shoulder comfortingly as we walked back towards me and Lily's house.

At Apartment- Liam's POV

I sat down on the couch and hung my head. I had been so depressed lately, and I was shutting everyone out. Not that I wanted to, but, everyone else is so happy and I'm broken. I had thought about cutting once, but Niall caught me and convinced me not to do it.

Just then, Becca and Harry walked in. Harry had his arm around her shoulder and my eyes filled with jealousy and rage. How dare he put his arm around my- wait, what am I thinking? Becca's not mine anymore..... 

Lily ran to Becca and hugged her. " Becca! Please stop wandering off like that! That's the third time in a month you've done that!"

Over Lily's shoulder, I could see Becca's eyes staring straight at me. Her eyes held all of the sadness, rage, and longing that mine did, and they seemed to be saying: You did this to me. You're the reason I"m so depressed. I hate you. I looked down and away from her eyes.

" Thanks for helping to look for me, guys. But if you don't mind, I'm just going to go lie down for a while." Becca said quietly and walked to her room. Her voice wasn't the same as it used to be. All the emotion was gone from it, as if someone had sucked all the life out of her. Oh, wait, that was me.

" I think I'm going to go back to the hotel, boys. I don't feel very well." I said and left the apartment.

Zayn's POV

" They need each other so bad. Both of them are so depressed without the other one, but they can't see it." Lily said sadly, looking at the door.

" They will in time, babe." I said, hugging her to my side.

" I just feel so...helpless, you know? Becca won't talk to me about anything lately and I can't seem to do anything to help her. It's sad." She said.

I kissed the top of her head. " I'm sure Becca appreciates what you do for her, Lily. She just can't show it because of all the depression around her." I assured her.

She giggled. " You sound like a therapist, Zayn."

Louis spoke. " Hey, we're gonna go to the hotel room and see if we can't cheer Liam up."

" Bye, Lily! It was great seeing you again!" Niall said and gave her a bone-crushing hug before they all left.

" So, what should we do now?" Lily asked.

I thought for a moment. " Starbucks?"

" Sure, let's go."

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