Broken Promises (Sequel To Two Boys In A Toy Store)

With Becca and Liam broken up and the boys going on tour, can the love hate relationship go back to just love or will it stay at hate? Will Danielle try and ruin their lives again or is she done? Read and find out!


2. Chapter 2-Tell Me A Lie

Liams POV
There she was, standing there looking beautiful as ever. I had to keep it together. I looked away and pretended that i didn't care that she was here. I walked over to Lily

"Lily! How have you been?" I gave her a hug.

"I've been fine, but look at Becca," She glanced her way and so did I. She looked miserable. "You did that to her just so you know. Would you ever take her back?" So she still likes me? I can't show that I like her because what if Lily was lying?

"Oh whatever Lily." I walked back over to the guys, and made myself look happy. I glanced back at Becca and I saw the pain in her eyes. I could tell she didn't want to be here, but neither did I.

Lilys POV
My eyes traveled right to Zayns. I had missed him so much! He ran over to me and picked me up and spun me around. I lightly tapped his nose, which made it scrunch up.

"I've missed this" I said staring deep onto his sparkly brown eyes. Instead of him answering, he pulled me into a sweet kiss. "I take that as a me too?" I giggled.

"You have no idea how much I've missed you Lily" Zayn said still holding me up in the air. I smiled back then glanced back over to Liam, who was sitting on the couch alone. How dare he do this to poor Becca. He broke her heart and didn't seem to care. I frowned and I guess Zayn saw, he put me down and looked confused.

"Whats wrong Lily?" He asked concerned.

"Oh it's just i can't believe Liam can just move on from Becca that easily"

"Where did you hear that?"

"Well from Liam of course. I told him how heartbroken Becca is, but he said he didn't care."

"Hes lying. Ever since we left on tour, he wouldn't leave his bed unless we had a concert. If anyone's heartbroken it's him." Zayn pronounced.

"Really? Hes heartbroken? Well it doesn't really seem like it. Now look at Becca." I looked around the room to find her. She was nowhere to be seen. "Oh crap not again," I was worried. I ran my fingers through my hair. "We need to find her, now!" I grabbed Zayns hand and we stormed out of the room on our search to find Becca.

Beccas POV
I had over heard Lily and Liams conversation. I was shattered. I couldn't handle seeing his face again, So I walked out. I didn't know where I was going but i needed to go somewhere, where none of them would know where i was.
*Boy you can say anything you wanna, I don't give a shh! no one else can have ya. I want you back-*
I looked at my phone. Lily was calling me. I pushed the end button. Like i said, no one can find out where I am or where I'm going. Since everyone knows me as Liam Paynes ex-girlfriend, I have no privacy. Right now about 20 screaming girls are chasing after me, asking me why me and Liam broke up. Thinking about it made me cry. I kept walking but the girls started to grab me begging for a picture. I struggled to get free but I couldn't. I closed my eyes and wished they all dissapeard, but they didn't.

"Girls please let me go." I cried. They didn't seem to listen. I heard a girl scream really loud.

"OMG! It's Harry Freaking Styles!" I looked around and what do you know, Mr. Harry Styles comes running over to me and the mob of screaming girls. I understand that he was probably here to save me, but all i could think was, oh crap, they found me...


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