Broken Promises (Sequel To Two Boys In A Toy Store)

With Becca and Liam broken up and the boys going on tour, can the love hate relationship go back to just love or will it stay at hate? Will Danielle try and ruin their lives again or is she done? Read and find out!


1. Chapter 1-Nervous

(a/n) if you havent read the first book (Two Boys In A Toy Store) you wont understand this book atall so if i were you i would go on my page and read the first one!

Beccas POV

Longest 10 months of my life. I couldn't handle it. I need my Liam back. But I know he might not ever be mine again. I don't care that he left me, I just want him back! Scratch that, I NEED him!

Lily and I decided to move to California to get away from all the saddness in Florida. The thing is, it followed me here. To top off my crappy life, we have to meet up with those 5 wonderful boys that all the girls obsess over. But to tell you the truth, I only obsess over that on adorable guy with the short brown hair and the deep brown eyes. I know him as the guy who broke my heart, but you may know him as Liam. Liam James Payne.

"Becca! Get out of bed you lazy but!" Lily screamed out from the other side of my door. I hadn't gotten out of bed in days.

"I don't want to Lily! I don't want to see...him" I whispered the last part to make it seem like I wasn't going to cry when really, I was. Lily ran into my room and saw how much of a wreak i was.

"Oh honey! I didn't mean  for you to get upset. I thought you would be excited to see them all again!" She hugged me tightly.

"I am, b-but what if he changed? What if h-he found s-someone else? I can't go through the pain again Lily!" I sobbed loudly into her shoulder.

Lily pulled away and looked me in the eyes. "Becca, he did not find someone else! Zayn would have told me. I'm also 100% sure hes a huge emotional wreak just like you! So toughen up! Your a strong woman!" She pulled my arms up to make it look like i was flexing. That wasn't  good, because now she has seen why I have been wearing long sleeved shirts everyday. She saw them.. "B-Becca, what is this!" She turned my arm to show me what I'd been trying to hide. I looked away, sorrow in my eyes."Why?" Lily sounded like she was going to cry.

"I couldn't take it anymore Lily!" I burst into tears again,

"But cutting? Self harm is not okay!" It was about 5 months ago when this happened. I thought everything was going great! I was happy, well sort of.. then one day i was in the shower when on the radio I heard Liams voice and I couldn't handle it. I grabbed my razor and well, you know the rest..

"I'm sorry! I regret it and I wont do it again." I said this, but deep inside, i didn't know if it was the truth or not.

Lily sighed, "Next time, talk to me before you do something stupid! Now get dressed we're leaving in an hour!" I hopped out of bed and got myself ready. Even though I wasn't very excited to see Liam, I was very happy that i get to see Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis again. I ate breakfast, and we were gone

At Boys Recording Studio

"Don't make me go in there!" I screamed as Lily tried to push me into the lobby where the boys were. "I thought i was ready to see him but I'm not!"
"Becca, it's okay! You can do this!" I took a deep breath and walked in...

Liams POV

I was so nervous to see her again. I have been an emotional wreak since the breakup. The only time I would go out is if we had to perform at our concert. The guys would try and cheer me up but it wouldn't work. I feel like when I see her again, Becca wont love me like she used to. I heard movement by the door in our recording studio. It must be Lily and Becca.

"Guys, I think they're here." I whispered to the guys. I was afraid.

Harry ran to the door. He opened it and she was standing there, looking beautiful as ever... 

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