Small Bumps in the Road

One direction fan fiction. hope you enjoy.


9. What just happened?

Niall's POV:

i was laughing with Danielle and the boys because Louis just made the stupidest remark. we were all laughing so hard, Danielle gave me the key to the apartment since i was in the front of everyone. i put the key and turned the slot. right when i opened it i was still laughing and i looked up right when i heard "SHIT!"

i looked up to see Jasmine in nothing but a towel. soon from the counter she gone and out of my sight. all i heard was a 'THUMP!' i got worried and rushed over to her as quick as i could. all i saw was Jasmine on the floor with a shocked face and staring at me right in the eyes. i got lost in her beautiful brown eye until i was brought back to reality to see her laughing. i then started to laugh cause i just remembered that she just fell yo the floor out of no where. 

"HAHA, what happened?" i asked her through laughs.

"i don't know i banged my knee in the shower, then i came to get some ice and next thing you know you came in and i was on the floor." she told laughing really loud at the end.

i grabbed some ice from the freezer, put it in a bag and looked at what knee it was that she had hit. OH MY GOD! i know what knee that she had hit. she hit her right knee because it was already purple and swollen.

"Damn! how bad did you hit it? sheesh!" i questioned her while putting ice on her knee.

"i don't know. ow." she told me while i put the ice on it completely.

she tried getting up but i didn't let her cause her knee was pretty banged up and i can promise you that. i swooped her up and carried her to the room.

"where are you going?" Zayn asked me. i turned to face Jasmine's knee towards them so that they can see why, they totally saw cause their reactions were quick.

"what happened?!" Harry asked us.

"how the hell did you get that?" Danielle asked.

"does that hurt a lot?" Louis questioned.

"Nah! ya doe doe brain, look at it does it look normal to you?" Liam responded to his question.

"sorry geez! take a chill pill why don't you." Louis told Liam.

"well no trying to interrupt your beautiful conversation but i have to take her to her room so she can get dressed." i told them all.

"let me go with you so i can help her." Danielle told me while following the both of us.

Jasmine's POV:

Niall was so nice he carried me all the way to my room what a gentleman. once we got to my room and placed me on my bed and left the room with only leaving me and Danielle in the room. i saw my knee damn it was not a pretty sight.

"here are some undies, a bra, shirt and some shorts. the shorts are so you can keep on icing your knee." Danielle told me handing me my clothes and she was out the door as well.

i started changing, i had everything on except my shorts on an soon i was on the floor again. i started to hear a lot steps coming on the way towards me the door swings opens and i look up to see everyone around me. i looked down and luckily saw i have my shorts on before i hit the floor. i then look back up and started laughing again cause i am such a dummy.

"really again!" Niall said laughing at me.

then Louis and Zayn came running towards me and helped me up. 

"i am so sorry ." i managed to saw through my laughter.

"its alright." Zayn told me with a smile since he was laughing too.

they helped me by taking me towards the  living room. they made me sit on the couch an didn't let me get up cause they thought i was gonna fall again and hurt me knee. they were right they know me too well for only knowing me for less than 24 hours.

we all gathered around on the couch and sat together and watched tv. i was the one with the remote, i was flipping through the channels until i hit one channel. 


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