Small Bumps in the Road

One direction fan fiction. hope you enjoy.


6. What happened last night?!

Jasmie's POV:

i woke up to feel the sunlight hitting my face. it was simply unpleasant and i didn't like that, WAIT! how the hell did i get in my room last night. all i remember is falling asleep on the couch watching 'White Chicks', i got up and looked in the mirror and saw a whole bunch of writing on my face. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!? i ran out from my room still in my clothes from last night trying to look for Dani to ask her first of all how i got all of this stupid writing on my face, second of all how did i get to my bed last night.

right when i was outside of my room i saw all of them sleeping on the floor they seem to be so peaceful, i dint want to disturb them. i got an idea for payback to what they did to my face, i tip-toed towards them and then broke into a run and jumped on them all at the same time since they were all bundled up together. 

they all made different types of noises signifying that they were in pain, all i did was laugh cause it made me feel accomplished. i soon got off them and they all stood up quick and asked me at different times but all sounded like mumbling cause they just woke up.

"what the hell was that for!?"

"is that really necessary?"

"what in god's name is wrong with you?"

i just stood to the side and was pointing at my face as i glared at them with a straight face. soon they realized why i did and started to laugh. i tried my best to not laugh but it was so funny, plus Niall's laugh was so contagious so you couldn't resist it.

"why the hell did i wake up like this?" i told them trying to be serious but still having a chuckle between words.

"well...." Zayn began, "you fell asleep towards the end of the movie and we got bored after the movie ended." he couldn't stop laughing so Louis has to help him out.

"the Dani brought out a marker." with that i glared right at Danielle, she looked down and started to giggle that got me pissed. "then with the marker we all contributed to the master piece on your face."

"so is my face a canvas pr something" i asked them all in  a sassy way.

harry stepped up and said "pretty much." they all began to laugh together.

i left towards the kitchen and went straight towards the fridge, "ahh! perfect." i told my self. since they didn't notice what i was doing cause they were laughing so much i chose to get them back while they were distracted.

"what are you gonna do with that?" Liam asked kind of scared.

"ohh you know some STICKY whip cream and some EVEN MORE STICKY chocolate syrup. you know nothing big." i said calmly just looking at my hands

with that and them not reacting i sprayed them all with whip cream and chocolate i got them all head to toe. once i was done with my revenge i just looked at them.

"ATTACK!!!" Louis yelled out.

WHAT!? and with that soon i was on the floor being tickled to the point of barely catching one ounce of air to inhale. i soon surrender cause i needed to pee and didn't want to do that in front of them.

"okay! okay, you win!" i tired to say cause i was trying to recover after they got their hands of off me.

"you what?!" Zayn asked me pretending as is he didn't hear me the first time.

"YOU WIN OKAY" i finally spoke a loud. 

they all helped me up. and right after i went straight to my room to go clean up after the put their chocolate mess on me. so i hoped in the shower.

-coming out the shower-

after i came out the shower i put my clothes on and threw my wet hair in a mess bun. i walked out with my phone in my hand texting my mom how was her day from the time difference. once i came in to the living room my phone got jacked.

"Oh heck no! what are you doing?" i raised my voice cause i had gotten pissed.

"we're putting our numbers in so you could talk to us whenever you choose to." Liam simply said to me.

"Okay but did you seriously have to take it like that?" i asked pretty harsh.

"it 's no fun if we ask for it." Louis told me.

'WOW' i though to my self but whatever it doesn't matter that much anymore. well actually all i wanted was my phone now. 

"are you done now" i asked impatient.

"here.... you ..... go." Zayn said passing me my phone. i looked at my phone and they put all these weird names under their contact. i started to laugh and showed it to Dani.

"yours isn't as bad as mine." Danielle showed me her phone i started to crack up cause she was definitely not wrong that's for sure. 

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