Small Bumps in the Road

One direction fan fiction. hope you enjoy.


10. what did i just see?

'Oh my gosh!' was all i kept saying in my head, over and over again. i looked at the tv and saw what i never thought that i would see. i looked behind me stared at the boys and analyzed everything about them. and then i stared back at the tv.

i saw an interview with guess who in it, the boys in the kitchen and talking and acting llike normal dude. there was a caption at the bottom of the screen reading "One Direction: Most popular and talented international popstars.

"WHAT!?" i yelled out.

"shit." was all i heard from behind me.

everyone ran in front of me with all worried looks, the only look that i had was confusion and misunderstanding written all over my face. plus i was as stiff as a statue from being so shocked and looking at what i have seen.

'they boys are one direction?'

'why didn't they tell me?'

'i always thought that they were normal people like me?'

'what is happening?'

"Jasmine, don't be mad us we didn't want too tell you yet for the reason of... for the reason of. Liam continue." Louis told Liam.

"we didnt want to tell you yet because we wanted you to see how we are of normal guys. plus we really like you and we wanted to build a relationship with you before you knew anything." Liam told me.

"i actually thought that you would know, but you just acted normal with us just not a fan." Zayn admitted.

"no i didn't know by the way." i kinda snapped but not so hard because i just knew them and i dint want to over react over something like this. like other people would over react and argue and make a big scene about it but i don't want to. that's not me.

"we are so sorry that we didn't tell you though. we wanted to have a normal life because the one that we had before got taken away from us." Harry told me with a sad and low face.

"its okay by me that is fine but if i really think about it, it's quite cool knowing that i have such famous friends but i don't want that to make a difference in the friendship that we are starting to build together." i told them all.

their faces lit up a bit knowing that i didn't want to change a thing between us all.i really didn't because they are genuine guys and act like normal teenage boys that they are, well except for Louis. but anyway they act like them selves and i don't think that anyone could change that.

"thank you Jasmine, thank you very much." Louis told me.

"It not your fault so don't blame yourselves." i told them with a smile to show that i was not sad at the fact and that i didn't care that they didn't tell me.

"well lets just watch a movie or something. anyways what were you guys doing in the Kitchen?" i asked.

"oh we were gonna reheat the food from yesterday, would you want some cause there's a lot that you made?" Niall asked me politely.

"no you guys can eat that fine." i told him with a smile.

"Ok." he told me and they all walked back up to the kitchen and continue what they were doing.

i also continued what i was doing looked for movies that we could all watch on the couch. i was searching and found the perfect movie to watch me.

"do you guys want to watch a movie?" i yelled  so they could hear me.

"sure what movie though?" Dani asked me.

"Mmmmm.... you have the choice of 'Up' and '21 Jump Street'. what would you like?" i asked.

few seconds passed of waiting patiently.

"21 Jump Street!" Harry yelled out.

"Okay hurry its gonna start soon." i responded to him.

next thing i knew they all came running with plate and drinks in their hands. some jumped over the sofa to get to a good spot and then some were normal human being and walked around the front and chose a spot to sit. we started watching the movie when everyone got comfortable and relaxed.

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