Small Bumps in the Road

One direction fan fiction. hope you enjoy.


4. Time to unpack

Jasmine's POV:

i don't know how but we got all of the bags out of the car and dragged them up stairs. i was exhausted and then just through myself on the couch. i looked at Danielle and just started to smile because i was so grateful to have her in my life right now, plus allowing me to live with her. like what other friend would do that, obviously Danielle cause she is one of a kind. i got up from the couch and ran to Danielle and just hugged her.

"why are you hugging me so tight!" she exclaimed trying to get out of my grip.

"thank you so much!" i told her still not letting her go.

she returned with a hug and said "welcome bubz."

we always called each other bubz since we were young. i never found out why but we just did, it was our thing. i released her from my grip and went straight to to my room to start unpacking so i wouldn't do it later tonight. i finished unpacking everything and put it all away, i got hungry and went towards the kitchen afterwards. i was known for eating a lot it was my thing. my family says that i got it from my dad because he has always been an eater too. i also knew how to cook so it all made sense for me to eat a lot and cook a lot.

"are you hungry Dani?" i asked waiting for answer that never came. i looked up to see why she wasn't answering after i called her name like  3 times, she was on her phone. i looked for something to catch her attention with i saw an apple 'no, that would hurt her' i though to myself then i saw i kitchen towel good. i made it into a ball so i could through it at her, once it hit her i got her full attention. 

"what.. what happened?" she asked me all scared cause she didn't know what i threw at her.

"i asked you what you wanted to eat, cause i was gonna cook you something. by the way what were you doing on your phone?" i asked her curious.

" oh nothing." she told me blushing like a tomato. 

i didn't want to ask her more cause i knew she was gonna explode like a bomb with so much excitement wanting to tell me everything that has been happening around her. she is the kind of person that can hold in something so exciting for a long period of time but with secrets she can die keeping those cause she can hold those little suckers in and not tell anyone.

"um make me enchiladas. yeah?" she asked with puppy dog eyes. 

"sure why not. just take me to the store so i can got get the ingredients." i told her. 

"okay!" she exclaimed with excitement getting her keys again, before heading out the door. i followed her and we were soon off to the store.

-at the store-

"Bubz can i invite a few friend to eat with us? you can make new friends already after the hours you've been here?" she asked me.

"sure, but that means that i have to make more. and if i have to make more you have to help me , right?" i told her waiting for her answer.

"you have a deal." she stuck out her hand so i could shake it making it a deal. "there is going to be five people coming over okay?" she told me.

"okay just help me get everything." we split up and payed for everything. we put  in the car and then went straight home to begin the cooking process that we both knew would take forever.

-at home-

we got everything us stairs and started cooking. i told Dani to put some music on so the whole time we were cooking wouldn't be boring. we dance around the kitchen preparing everything that needed to be done in order for the food to be ready and so we could be able to eat it.

"you can cal your friends now the food will only take  10 more minutes to me ready." i told her and she got on her phone quicker than i could say 'hi', she got off the phone and told that they would be here in less 15 than  minutes. i was glad that i looked nice in sweats and a big sweater also that my hair was in my nice natural waves, because i dint know who was coming through that door.

-15 minutes later-

the food was done the table was set all that was left was for the guests to come and join us. in the meantime i was watching T.V since i had nothing more to do than just wait for everyone else. there was a knock on the door, right when i was about to get off of the couch Dani beat me to it and was already at the door about to open it.

she opened it and exclaimed "hey!"

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