Small Bumps in the Road

One direction fan fiction. hope you enjoy.


13. TIme Passes By

Niall's POV:

after our conversation outside and finishing our meals that I had made we went inside. by the time we went inside the boys and Danielle were done with their movie. it was getting late and I was getting tired, it was kind of sad cause I still wanted to talk to Jasmine though. 

we went back to everyone on the couch and Louis began to announce that we had to go cause it was getting late, and we had to go to work tomorrow. we all gave hugs to Danielle, then a hug to Jasmine I was the last one to say good bye to her.

"bye Jasmine." I told her with a smile.

"bye Niall, thanks for the food and everything by the way."she told me in response.

I went in for a hug, right when I touched her it sent chills down my back. i noticed we didn't pull apart until i heard someone try to clear their throat. when we pulled away I looked right into her eyes I thought that she was beautiful and I was stuck in that moment completely, all I did was smile and so did she. "Niall" "Jasmine" was all I heard in the background but I payed not attention towards it cause all I thought at that moment was that it was just me and Jasmine around and nobody else.

a hand got waved in front of our faces, it got us both out of the moment that we were just stuck in . "hmm... what happened?" I asked everyone around me after getting out of the trance of her beautiful eyes.

"we are leaving come on Niall we have a long day tomorrow."  Zayn told me.

"oh, yeah. okay bye guys." I said and waved goodbye to the girls and headed home.

-at home-

"what was all that about dude?" Liam asked me while putting the keys to the car on the table and taking off his sweater that he was wearing. 

"oh nothing." I responded while taking off my sweater  as well .

"you call what happened back there nothing? let me tell you this it was something." Liam asked with a hint of humor in his voice. "look the boys went up to their rooms it's just me and you. come one tell me, we tell each other everything. plus you know if you tell me not too I won't tell any of the boys just me and you." 

he had a point their so all I am might as well just tell him. I let out a big sigh before I spilled the pot of beans. I had to tell him everything from when I took her to her room till before we left their house.

-after telling Liam-

"oh my god. this is great !" Liam exclaimed but I quickly slapped him on the arm because he was too loud and I didn't want everyone in the house to hear cause then I would get mocked by the boys and it would get really annoying.

"well I obviously can deny it anymore cause you know. but you can't tell anyone I swear if you do I will tell your secret." I warned Liam with a serious face and pointing my finger at him.

"okay okay. relax I won't say anything." I promised me 

"but seriously what am I suppose todo cause when I look into her eyes all I want to do I just hold her tight and kiss her." I told him.

"well Nialler you are going to have control yourself, because if you do that to her you are going to freak her out and I don't think you want her to be scared of you." he explained to me. 

"your right. I am going to have to control myself and even though how hard it will be I have to control myself." I told both myself and Liam.

"okay we have a long day tomorrow and we have to get some rest but of you want we can continue this tomorrow at the studio or something." Liam told me. 

" okay good night thanks for everything." I hugged Liam goodnight and then we went out separate ways to our rooms.

-next day at the studio-

we barely finished our 'Take Me Home' today with our last song. we messed around and all but we got work done it was getting late and we also had a photo shoot to do for the album, for the cover basically. Management was stuck with three different choices and they were having a hard time choosing exactly which one they wanted. they had the idea of one more photo shoot in order to know which one will be perfect. 

"okay lads get on your way home and I will pick you up early tomorrow morning so you guys need the rest. alright?" Paul questioned all five of us.

"yeah that is fine." Liam said as a response for the entire group.  

"okay then get to it and get out of here you have a long day and you need your rest." Paul shooed us out the studio and we soon got into our Range Rover and started to head home.

"guys I am really hungry." I spoke out to the group.

"there's no surprise there." Louis said.

"it's true Louis but I have to admit I am hungry too I haven't eaten much today." Zayn told the group. 

"then where do you want to eat can I am hungry too." Liam who was driving asked us in the back.

"what if we go to Nandos?" I stated more like a question.

"that's sounds good lets go." Harry agreed and Liam started to head there.


we arrived at Nandos and were seated quickly faster than all the others around us. the worker who seated us sent us all the way to the back in a booth of the restaurant. I liked the thought of the back because we wouldn't get disturbed anybody and a lot of people wouldn't notice us.

the waiter came back with our drinks and we ordered our main dish. I get my usual peri-peri chicken. every time I get it to me it taste like the first time I tried it. everyone also ordered with me. Zayn and Harry got the same thing as me and Louis and Liam got different things. me and the boys were on our phone for a little while checking our twitters and seeing what our girls have to say for the day. I got the usual marriage proposal, quotes saying they love me, and also some nasty things I don't really want to imagine. I guess we were on our phones for a while cause out of no where our food came and we put our phones away and began eating and trying to hold a conversation without being rude to one another.

"hey Liam have you talked to Danielle and Jasmine." I blurted out. why did I just say that it made me look like an idiot. what is wrong with you Niall.

"why do you care Niall?" Louis asked with a hint of curiosity in his voice. 

"Louis stop that. um they are okay, why ?" Liam asked me.

"just wondering. you know have to be friendly to our new friends. " I said trying not to meet all of their eyes.

"or new girlfriend you mean." Zayn told me while nudging me with his elbow. 

all of the boys chose to make fun of me for the rest of the night it was not that fun but i soon got over it and forgot everything that was happening. after we finished our meals Harry chose to pay this meal since we always take turns when we got out, but we got to the car as quick so no one can bother us since we have an extremely long day tomorrow.

- at home-

we got inside and quickly went into our room and started too get ready for sleep. right when i was about to put on a shirt after putting on my sweat pants i heard a knock on the door.

"yeah come in." i said not minding who would come in because it was only five of us in the house.

"hey Niall. um i was wondering if you were with me on inviting Danielle and Jasmine to come tomorrow to go check things out and have a fun time with me, you, and the guys?" Liam questioned me.

i could feel my face get red at the thought of Jasmine being there with us tomorrow and also having the thought of seeing her again. not only can i know that i am getting red but i could feel it because my face gets hot.

"yeah it would be nice to see them." i said trying not to make eye contact with Liam so i could hide my face.

"are you blushing Niall?" Liam asked me.

"no." i said straight forward towards him.

he quickly switched me around to see my face and i could feel that i got twenty times worse. i started to laugh because i knew i couldn't hold it in any longer. Liam also started to laugh with me because he knew exactly what was happening with me.

"okay. okay, i am gonna go give them a call. so relax Niall, goodnight. see you in the morning." Liam lastly told me while leaving my room and closing the door.

after he left i put my phone to charge and went quickly to my computer to tell all of out girls goodnight.

"@NiallOfficial: Goodnight! .xx"

after that i went straight to bed.

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