Small Bumps in the Road

One direction fan fiction. hope you enjoy.


1. Thing begin

Jasmine's POV:

Well i don't know what i would do without knowing what life would have in stored for me. If i knew tings would be no fun and they would be boring. things would be expected and not a surprise. Better not to know and have small bumps in the road to make it a journey, rather than having a lifeless adventure. 

Today was the day of me leaving the states and moving to London. my parents are devastated and still pressuring me to stay but i refuse. i want to be unusual and i want that to be shown. 

"Come on Jasmine, what does London have over there that you don't have here?" my mom asked me for the hundredth time already.

"Mom its not something that they i don't have here. i just want to have some fun i finished school, and i am ready to explore other places than rather being here." i responded to my mother.

"I guess, but just be ready for me to go and visit, also to be checking on you all the time and calling you before you go to sleep and all." my mom said as she was helping me finish packing the last of my things.

"Okay mom well that was the last of it now time for me to go to sleep cause i have a long and early flight tomorrow." i told my mom as i was escorting her out of whats left of my room.

"good night baby girl, i will miss you so much and have a safe flight. I love you with all my heat and i hope you know that." my mom said engulfing me in a hug that led to tears from the both of us.

"i love you too. goodnight i will call you when i land in New York tomorrow." i told her cause we both know that she wasn't going to be able to drop me off at the airport tomorrow.

after my mom left i closed the door and looked all around it to see all the stuff i had before gone as if someone robbed me but they didn't its all in my other flat on the other side of the world! i giggled to myself because of my own little remark in my head. but anyways its kinda bitter-sweet to let all of this go and grow up after 18 years. 

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