Small Bumps in the Road

One direction fan fiction. hope you enjoy.


7. Maybe another time.

Jasmine's POV:

after Danielle showed me her phone i started to laugh so hard i couldn't breathe. i guess my laugh was contagious because soon after i started laughing so did everyone else. we got to the end of our laughing session, i tried catching my breather it really didn't work i got it there some how. 

"Hey Jasmine, me and they boys were wondering if you wanted to come with us later today and go out to dinner with us?" Louis asked me.

"nah, not today. maybe another time? cause i have a really busy day i have to go to college to try to sign up for some classes and you know, its gonna be busy later." i responded to all of them.

they kind of seemed down a little bit, it made me feel bad because it seemed like they really wanted to hang out.

"hey, let me promise you this." their heads shot right up and looked at me straight in the eyes. "what about tomorrow i make you guys dinner again. yeah? just tell me what you guys are gonna want so i can know what to make. is that a deal"

" yes" they all said in unison even Danielle i was very surprised.

"okay, just text me later what you will want later today. right now i have to go." i told them all, with that i gave them all hugs goodbye and i was out the door.

-at school-

"hey how can i help you hun." the lady behind the desk told me

"um i was just wondering if i could sign up for some courses for the semester?" i asked her.

"hmm... what would you like to major in?" she asked me typing things onto her computer.

"um for right now i am undetermined but i would like to take regular courses such as math, science, and you know like those type of courses." i told her undetermined.

"well right now i don't have any math classes open but i can put you on the waiting list. but i do have some literature courses open and also a chemistry class as well." she told me looking at me from her computer.

"um sure i will take those." i told her happily, "when will i take these classes? morning, noon, night?"

"they will be.... int the morning." she told me with a smile. 

she was typing a lot of stuff and then told me your total will be on hundred seventy-five pounds. that's a good price classes in the states is much more. i gave her my money and she gave me my schedule. 

"thank you!" i told her and i was out the door and ready to continue my day.



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